‘Lifeu Ishtene’ runs into censor trouble after release

The Regional Board of Film Certification has filed a complaint against Lifeu Ishtene‘s producers for addition and deletion of some scenes

Kannada film Lifeu Ishtene, which is now wowing audiences in packed houses, was to last two hours and twenty minutes after the censor board gave its approval a couple of months back. Later, the crew thought the film was dragging on and shortened it to two hours and eight minutes. The production house announced this in an advertisement that also informed of some additions to the climax. The move clicked as a marketing technique. But trouble was in store as the censor board objected to this. It was unacceptable to include scenes without its consent. A complaint has been filed against producers Manjunath Gowda, Syed Salaam and Upendra Shetty. The producers have already taken anticipatory bail.


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