Lok Sabha election results 2014: Pawan Kalyan magic working for TDP-BJP!

Lok Sabha election results 2014: Pawan Kalyan magic working for TDP-BJP!

The power star’s association with Modi seems to be working wonders for TDP-BJP alliance in Seemandhra

The power star Pawan Kalyan powered through the nation’s election scenery when he announced his entry into politics with the formation of his Jana Sena Party. Pawan Kalyan, a popular figure in Tollywood, seems to have influenced the voters with his support to the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. At least that’s what the early poll results suggest.

The Gabbar Singh star Pawan Kalyan, who extensively campaigned for Modi in Andhra, has a clean image which seems to have  worked well for BJP-TDP alliance. The JSP supremo, who launched his party on March 14, has said his party is here to question and not to contest elections. His awe-inspiring speech became viral over the internet and the people seem to be buying his promises.

The star Pawan Kalyan had earlier embarrassed his brother mega star Chiranjeevi by backing BJP. Chiranjeevi, who had joined Congress in 2011, was visibly flustered at Pawan’s decision to support BJP, but stated that Pawan Kalyan’s entry into politics is a welcome sign. It is also rumoured that Pawan Kalyan had a special lunch with Chandra Babu Naidu at the TDP supremo’s residence.

This tale of two brothers at loggerheads  may not see an end soon, but the election results that are coming in suggest that power star’s magic has triumphed over mega star’s image. With the TDP-BJP combine alliance leading in 12 Lok Sabha constituencies in Seemandhra, power star Pawan Kalyan’s power is for everyone to see.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • koteswararao nerella

    The GENERAL ELECTON RESULTS ARE TET LAST OUT “STUNNING THE WORLD” as to how MODI has ACCOMPLISH THIS MUCH BIG TASK WHICH IS UNHEARD OF IN THE HISTORY that SWEEPING THE COUNTRY WITH AAP BROOM STICK INCLUDING AAP in DELHI is really wonderful .No words to PRAISE. Similarlily Chandra Babu Naidu was won wonderful MAJORITY OF MORE THAN 100 MLAS and 15 MPs and so also the ally BJP2MPs and 4 MLAs BJP HariBabu who is BJP AP president has defeated Mrs.YSR (VIJAYA LAKSHMI)

  • koteswararao nerella

    I was typing Comments congratulating both MODIJI and Chandra Babu Naidu FOR THEIR great victory but some how it got posted INCOMPLETE and hence this to be read in cointinuation to those remarks.Chandra Babu Naidu has lot to do the NEW STATE building CAP[ITAL,ASSEMBLY,SECRETARIAT,IT INDUSTIRES ETC.,You have to work as COOLUY AS STATED BY YOU SO THAT THE aNDHRA people will rember you FOREVER.Coming Modi saheb he has to lot to the Country 1.Bring BLACK MONEY FROM FOREIGN BANKS 2.Assure all the people MUSLIMS,CHRISTIANS and other Minorities that they will be well takenCare and No discrimination against anybody.No communal clashes ,NO BURNING OF CHURCHES OR KILLING PASTORS IN THE NAME OF CONVERTIONS.Put all the dirty people who have looted public money in thoudans of crores.Do HATRICK AT CENTRE ALSO. PAWANKALYAN HAS DONE VERY GOOD WORK FOR THE CONGRESS HATO IN AP , AND IN FACT CONGRESS WON ONLY “ZERO” seats in AP for the humiliations they have done to Andhra people and so Andhrites have PAID BACK IN THE SAME COIN. GOOD LUCK TO MODIJI and Chandra Babu in their NEW TENURE.

  • power star

    great job by power star…….Congrats to chandrababu and modi…….