Lok Sabha elections results 2014: MP Ramya trailing in Mandya!

The sexy actor-turned-politician may lose her MP status as reports suggest that Ramya is trailing to JD(S) candidate CS Puttaraju in Mandya.

The sizzling Ramya aka Divya Spandana, took the nation by surprise when she became the youngest member of Parliament by winning the seat from Mandya,Karnataka by 47622 votes in 2013. The fortunes of the  Sandalwood babe who joined the Congress in the year 2011 seems have run rough waters.

The early election counting reports have confirmed that the star MP Ramya is falling behind to JD(S)  candidate CS Puttaraju at Mandya. The voluptuous 31 year  old babe, who had done films in all the south film industries except Mollywood, seems to have fallen prey to the Congress party’s infighting in Mandya.

The actor, who had recently expressed her feelings in Twitter, seems to have gone philosophical as she tweeted the following “Winning & losing is a part of life.was given a responsibility & I worked relentlessly for the people. Mandya is family.Results don’t matter.if I win I will work, lose, life goes on 🙂 we are all here briefly, you got to do what you got to do. Find happiness. Find love :)”. The actor tweeted this on May13. With the infighting between the Rebel star Ambreesh along with his fellow party mates and the tarnishing image of All India Congress Party, it seems like Ramya could predict the poll results.

We will have to wait and watch what the day has in store for Ramya. Will Ramya regain the lost ground or will she be forced to leave her MP seat to Puttaraju? Will the actor be back to face the camera if she loses her  political esteem? Any guesses, Bollywoodlifers?