MAATTRRAAN movie review: Suriya is twice as good

While the Kollywood machine keeps churning out films, there are some that attract more attention than others

Maattrraan, directed by KV Anand, is one such venture. The Suriya-starrer was in the spotlight even while it was being
made, one of the reasons for the attention being the subject — that of conjoined twins, a novel theme in Tamil cinema.

So did the film live up to the hype? The answer would be yes because the director Anand has woven an
interesting tale around the Siamese twins. Suriya and Anand seem to share a good chemistry ever since Ayan, and it shows in Maattrraan.

The Ko-director has a keen eye for detail and is known for his out-of-the-box thinking. Apart from story of the conjoined twins, there is a side track about genetic engineering, and the director deals deftly with that, too.

Suriya, who ranks among the top stars in the South and who has proved his ability to make hit films, had a lot riding on Maattrraan as his previous venture, 7aam Arivu, fared only moderately at the box-office despite his performance. So, here was an opportunity for Suriya to change the trend and he just does that with a superb performance in a difficult role. Suriya is the heart and soul of the movie and he delivers on the director’s demands and lives up to audience expectations as well. Kajal Agarwal unlike the filmi heroines in recent times, has a significant role and carries it off well. Bollywood actor Sachin Khedekar as the businessman-father of Suriya(s) shines. Harris Jayaraj’s music and Soundararajan’s cinematography are highlights of the movie and add  richness to the final product.

The story: Akilan and Vimalan are sons of a scientist Ramachandran (Sachin Khedekar), who is a talented person but doesn’t
get the recognition he deserves. He creates a formula to make an energy drink for children that becomes a huge success. But the success spawns problems and a rival of Ramachandran wants to get hold of the ‘magic formula’ and a Russian company wants to steal it.

A beautiful Russian woman is chosen for the task with Anjali (Kajal Agarwal) as her interpreter. Things get complicated when the twins are in an accident and one of them, Vimalan, dies. Akilan is separated and he embarks on a mission to find out the truth behind the energy drink. How he goes about his challenge forms the rest of the plot.

While the first half is light-hearted  with romance and fun elements, the second half is a thrilling ride with Anand’s special touch. It is an out and out Suriya show and he manages to juggle the two difficult roles with ease. Whether it is the flamboyant Akilan or the
‘thinking’ Vimalan, he is at his best and pulls off some comic acts too.

The KV Anand-Suriya combo which tasted success with Ayan is certainly on the right track with Maattrraan. Now, if only  the film wasn’t so long.