Mahesh Babu to lock lips with Kajal Agarwal

Superstar Prince Mahesh Babu has always refrained from intimate scenes and storylines which are too suggestive but the actor could not refuse his director’s wishes when he was asked to lock lips with Kajal Agarwal

Mahesh believes in giving his cent percent to any project he takes up and being a thorough professional, he has never refrained from even  bowing to the diktat of the director despite his star status. The stylish southern star’s reel romances were always ‘confined’ in that sense, with the actor keeping a safe distance even in his bachelor days. But this is set to change as we may soon see the Prince engage in a lip lock scene.Mahesh Babu has supposedly shot an intimate kissing scene with Kajal Agarwal for his upcoming movie The Businessman. Sources say the Prince was reluctant at the beginning, but director Puri Jaggannadh convinced him that the scene was very important for the film’s flow and to establish intimacy between the lead characters. The scene, which is more than a minute long, sees Mahesh locking lips with Kajal on her bed. Trailers of the multilingual film are slated to release on December 9. While it’s a first for the Prince, we are sure his fans are eagerly waiting to see their star romance the beautiful Kajal.