Mani Ratnam’s film with Aishwarya Rai Bahchchan, Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna canned!

The  ace director’s big budget project with Tollywood superstars Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna has been cancelled

Months ago, the Telugu film industry was set abuzz with the news of award winning director Mani Ratnam teaming up with Tollywood biggies of the likes of Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna. It was said that the doe eyed beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was to make a comeback on the silver screen with this film. Imagine the colossal disappointment if this star  studded vehicle hit a road block. 

The little blue birdie, tells that the Mahesh Babu-Nagarjuna starer Mani Ratnam film has been called off due to unspecified reasons. Recently the Manam actor Akkineni Nagarjuna has stated to a news site about the cancellation of this much expected film. ” Mani Ratnam had narrated a story to me and Mahesh Babu. But after some days, he called me and said the project is cancelled” mentioned the Ragada star.

However the grapevine has it that the film was dropped due to creative differences between Mani Ratnam and the actors regarding the script. It is being said that Mani’s final script had some issues  that were of concern to Mahesh Babu. Once Mahesh Babu opted out, Nagarjuna followed the suit stating the same reason.

The ace director Mani Ratnam and  Aagadu star Mahesh Babu are yet to confirm the cancellation of the coveted project. But going by Nagarjuna’s statement, one can safely  say that this mega-starrer will not kick start. And this surely is disheartening for fans who were celebrating the tie up of the talented trio.