Meera Jasmine in trouble

The actor is facing a lawsuit to pay Rs 5 lakh

Meera Jasmine’s woes seem to be never-ending. The award-winning actress, who moved away from Kerala to seek greener pastures in Kollywood and Tollywood, does not seem to have let go of her troubles back home. The latest in Meera’s series of legal troubles is a summons from a Kozhikode court related to a case filed by producer KA Devarajan. The petitioner has claimed that the actor did not complete his project titled Swapnamalika despite accepting a signing amount. He told the court that Meera’s departure had forced him to sign on a replacement. Meera also did not return the Rs 5 lakh that she had accepted as the signing amount. However, Meera insisted that she decided not to do the movie as the director had changed the story. The court did not buy this argument and also struck down Meera’s request for being excused from making a personal appearance in court.