Mohanlal expresses anguish over Marxist leader’s death

Even as his fans celebrated his birthday on May 21 with glee, Mohanlal had a reason to worry

On Mollywood superstar’s 52nd birthday, who is popular in Kollywood (Siraichalai, Unnaipol Oruvan etc.) as well, touched a sensational issue on his blog.In the blog-posting titled Ormayil Randu Ammamar (Thinking of two mothers), the actor wrote he was not really happy on his birthday thinking and grieving about two mothers. He was referring to the murder of Marxist leader T P Chandrasekharan in Kozhikode district on May 4, stating he wondered if Kerala was turning into an asylum.

Mohanlal wrote: “My mother is in hospital for the last three months after a brain stroke. And I think of Chandrasekharan’s mother, who’s son was brutally hacked to death. I can fathom the sea of grief that enveloped his mother when she learnt about her son being murdered. I do not know Chandrasekharan as I have only read about him in newspapers. If he was alive now, he would have been of my age. Mothers know the pain of losing their children when they are alive.”


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