NAAN EE / EEGA movie review: SS Rajamouli nails it!

This is a sci-fi flick, a genre that is pretty rare in Tamil cinema, and director SS Rajamouli, a big name in Tollywood, has enhanced it with his unique style of filmmaking

The film was promoted as a sci-fi adventure with state-of-the-art computer graphics being one of its strengths. Apparently the importance attached to the graphics and technology, combined with the director’s eye for detail and perfection, delayed the film a touch, but in the end it didn’t matter too much as the result was of the best possible quality and an enjoyable one too. Rajamouli, the man behind super-hit films like Magadheera, Vikramarkudu and Mariyadhai Ramanna has earned a reputation as a high-profile filmmaker with a penchant for eye-catching sets and superb visuals. Also, he is a man who makes utmost use of grandeur to make his films look special. He does that in Naan Ee (Eega in Telugu) too. Going in for a fantasy theme, the movie is about a man who is re-born as a house-fly to avenge his own murder.

The storyline: Sudeep (Sudeep), a fun-loving businessman, has a fancy for women and hits on every girl he comes across. One day he meets Bindu (Samantha) and tries to win her over. However, things don’t work out the way he wants as she is already committed to Nani (Nani). Spurned and angry, Sudeep hatches a conspiracy and does away with Nani. This sets off a cat-and-mouse game as Nani is re-born as a house-fly and he gives Sudeep a taste of his own medicine.

Rajamouli has put together an entertainer that has a sprinkling of love, comedy, emotions and revenge/drama and it emerges as a heady cocktail. As a director, he has also ensured that he gets the best out of the cast that comprises Nani, Samantha and Sudeep. As it happens, Kannada star Sudeep walks away with the most of the accolades with a powerful performance and is the show-stealer. The hero Nani does an adequate job, while Samantha does particularly well in the emotional scenes. Santhanam provides great comic relief with his witty one-liners.

Naan Ee /Eega has intensive special effects and computer graphics , which makes a huge impact. It’s one for kids for sure.