Not Kool: Ganesh insulted by good friend Dayal

The director posts an uncomplimentary message about Kool on his social networking website

Golden Star Ganesh is having a tough time living down his disastrous directorial debut Kool. The latest to criticise his effort is his good friend Dayal Padmanabhan. Yes, the same director who is otherwise a diehard fan of Ganesh’s histrionics, and had even applauded the actor’s “dedication, co-operation and top-notch performance” in Circus, has publicly stated his not-so-complimentary views via his page on a social networking website.  He wrote, ‘Went alone to Mantri Mall INOX and Watched ‘….’! My God! When a professional director directs a bad film, he can be forgiven! But when the same is done by an unprofessional guy, it’s intolerable! Shhh..! My dear friend please focus only on what you know completely as you know very well its difficult to retain a status in the film industry though you are a professional and status depends on the hit ratio..! Good luck..!’

Dayal is not the only one. His fellow director Chaithanya endorsed Dayal’s view, and posted this on his page in response, ‘Hope it is a lesson… for a few other actors… who are trying to make K(F)OOLS of themselves….’ A birdie tells us that Chaithanya’s comment could have been directed at superstar Uppi ‘Dada’, who too had ventured into direction. Meanwhile, Ganesh, on his part, has been lying low since the release of Kool.