Notorious dacoit, Veerappan returns to Sandalwood!

Veerappan will be seen again, not in real but on reel. Sandalwood director A M R Ramesh, popularly known for his Tamil films Kuppi and Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu will be helming the bilingual project

Director Ramesh intends to make in two languages. The film based on the life of Sandalwood dacoit Veerappan is called Attahasam in Kannada and Vanayudham in Tamil. Kishore plays Veerappan while Arjun dons the role of tough cop Vijayakumar. Vijayalakshmi plays the role of Veerappan’s wife Muthulakshmi. The director establishes that his is not patronising Veerappan through the film. “I am not here to glorify anyone. I am not taking any sides. The movie will reveal the reality of Veerappan”. “We have done intense research on Veerappan,” the director says. On roping in Arjun, he says, “It is no easy thing to reflect a real life personality on screen. Arjun did a lot of homework for Attahasam.”