‘Oosaravelli’ Movie review: Watch at your own risk

‘Oosaravelli’ Movie review: Watch at your own risk

When a big star like Jr NTR, whose terrific screen presence is a major attraction for his fans, teams up with a stylish and successful director like Surendar Reddy, one expects a lot of fireworks. Alas, Oosaravelli fails to live up to the expectations, and one can blame a weak script for this debacle

The story moves on predictable lines from the beginning. First half of the film is full of comedy elements whereas second half is high on mindless action sequences.Though, both the hero and the director have consciously tried to underplay the pedigree and power of the senior NTR’s family, the net effect has not been encouraging and positive.  In fact, the director too has tried to repeat the successful formula of his previous hit film Kick, but silly dialogues and presentation ruin the effect. Hence, this ends up as a predictable revenge drama and nothing else.

Tony (Jr NTR) is involved in a lot of illegal activities to earn his bread and butter. He accidentally meets Niharika( Tamannaah) and falls for her and then he starts following her, but she doesn’t reciprocate because she is already engaged to a rich guy. Tony wants to prove that he truly loves her, unlike his fiancee. And slowly, it becomes clear that Tony is on a mission to be accomplished and Niharika has a past which is forcing her to be subdued. Finally, Tony succeeds in getting his love and complete his mission as well.

Tamannaah has delivered an excellent performance, especially in the second half. Unfortunately, an actor of the caliber of Prakash Raj is totally wasted in the film. Payal Ghosh who plays the role of heroine’s friend is quite good.  As for the highlights, it is Rasool Ellore’s cinematography of songs that grabs your attention. The movie is a disappointment for ardent NTR fans but for average viewers it is nothing more than a predictable hotchpotch film.

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  • sandeep

    you are false,and oosaravelli is better than what i thought

    • RAKESH

      it’s good compare all recent fillims

      • sandi

        the movie is good

  • pavan kumar

    dis is fake review,oosaravelli is a excellent movie in NTR n TAMANNA carrier,hello review man hav u gone mad r bribed from any one jus stop writing reviews n sit in home,we r njoying OOSARAVELLI 4 dis dasara ……. a Biggest HIT in dis year

    • IANS

      You may be enjoying, but not all!!

  • srinivas

    i love mega star chiranjeevi my hero only chiru miss u chiru bai

    • Tollywood

      Yes many agree!!

      • shiva

        it can’t compite with dookudu as it has better story and exceptional comedy…dookudu>>>oosaravelli

    • sidhu

      Yes u r right chiru is the best forever , what is this oosaravelli and thonda and balli

    • KK

      Why man, still thinking chiranh=jeevi as hero. Writers like paruchuri brothers made chiru as hero with their exceptional stories. Remember, he has not became hero with his action.(No clarity in dialogue).He succeeded as hero in cinema with other support. but, in Real life failed totally. (Failed as father, Son) and even cheated people. (cheating our tirupathi people)

  • kishore

    i felt the movie as same as this review reveals after seeing the movie but i am very much surprised about the collection figures announced by the movie unit.is the figures believable ?

  • subbu

    oosaravelli movie is super, screen play like a Hollywood


    movie going foreword & backward different type movie in

    Telugu camera works is marvelous. rasul ellore is seeing

    total movie in hi value technical.NTR action OK but dance is

    poor before movies. tamanna caractor is some confused final

    word is this is SURENDER REEDY cinema not NTR CINEMA.

  • manikanta

    I love jr ntr

  • Sunitha

    Very Bad movie, there is no logic in the movie and it waste of time and money

    • saiteja

      Muvy lo logic u vethukunte ea muvy correct ga undadu.. especially action movies!! this is not reasoning in CAT xam…cinema chusama ..njoy chesama..ledaa..ante..

      Neeku Logic lu kaavalante hollywood/bollywood lo Biography/drama movies chudu…logic lu untay…

  • mounika

    just watched oosaravelli and i am sure everyone who watch this movie will go mad no comedy, no storry and people who wrote that mov is good am sure that they do dont have taste. NTR always
    fool audience …

    • subbu

      have u ever seen any movies..its a gud story,first half is entertaing..2nd half just avg..i think u beter concern any psychiatrist..

    • jogi

      movie chala bagundi.taste leni variki ami telusu movie gurinchi.

      • siddu

        asalu yem undani naachali ee movie lo tastelenidi evariko mundu telsuko

        • saiteja

          Dude if u dont like the film/actor because ur an fan of other actor just be calm!! Dont just sit and give negative comments all over the page! the ultimate loss is for TFI !!

          i dont know why this happens !!! one fellow who is a fan of one actor always discourages the other actors films..it happens with all the films!! Such a uncivilized brainless idiots!!

    • Anjaysingh

      Comman Baby, i don’t think so that you dropped this with full conscious..I think you do watch serials…

      • saiteja

        ha ha dude!!! lol! i think she does!

  • subbu

    1st Half nice..2nd Half Baledu..Storx,directn gud..overal Above avg..

  • subbu

    Its Not neither a Bad nor Flop Movie Mrs ya Kumari Sunitha,Mounikas..its Above Avg movie..The Basic Story Revolves Around Heroine..how many movies have u seen with story revolung around heroine In Big star Movies..Konchem Brain Vadandi..

  • tinku


  • chiru

    its above average and looking like tamanna is nice

  • siddu

    very bad mve songs r gud.2nd half is d main prt of d story but seems borng. dance is not upto d level of ntr.d direction was not gud.tamanna seems dominating ntr in dis mve.d major prt of d film goes round her.

  • venkata kishore locherla

    film is good, but i dont believe first day Rs.15 crore gross and three days more than Rs.30 crore.Figures are not realistic.

    • maria

      lol of course those aren’t the real figures, they were just lies from the producers. It collected a little over 7.5 crore on the first day

  • giri

    I happenned to see Dokudu and Oosarvalli on same day .
    Dokudu -> Mind Blocked ..looked very boring except one or 02 comedy scenes, story very predictable ..,
    Oosaravalli ->Movie is gud with some fresh scenes and suspense till 2.5Hrs of movie , whereas Dokudu in 0.5hrs u will know what story is ..
    Overall i would say Oosaravalli is far a better movie than Dokudu
    Dokudu ->50days movie
    Oosarvalli ->50->100days movie
    Gud direction by Surendar ..

    • maria

      stupid ntr fans lol, just can’t accept someone else’s victory

  • Naresh

    Hi All,
    I saw both films my verdict:-

    1.DOKUDU : No Story , 1 or 2 Comedy scenes are gud ,Heroine no role at all not required at all / totally movie looked like a STAGE DRAMA

    2. Oosaravalli : Movie looked very gud and Intresting and director handled the movie well with gud scenes .. Tammana Gud role
    Subbu ->Yes story revolves around heroine , but it has been presented differently -use ur brain to understand this..
    Finally use ur brain that there is nothing DOKUDU -except Brahamnadam and MS Narayana thats IT ..
    Not sure what happenned to this sites they have totally given an unfair review

    • sachin

      aithe nuvvu urgent ga velli ekkadaina vongo.

      • saiteja

        dude dont be personal! he has his views!! if u have ur views post it!!

  • nishanth

    oosaravelli is far better than dookudu….

  • srini

    He is 5 feet height, biggggg hero, dirty hair style, I will suggest the people to don’t watch this movie forever.
    My pet will be much more handsome than him.

  • vikram

    Oosaravelli is Gud and Interesting(taking) credit goes to Surender Reddy ..

    Comedy and Action sequences are gud..story line is poor..

  • subbu

    movie is nice..but wat this site given is tp review .first half nice,2nd half dul..overal watch at ur own risk..g.musukuni review sariga petra..

  • lola

    dookudu is waaaay better than oosaravelli with awesome comedy and action and even a good moral at the end. prince mahesh all the way!

  • giri

    Movie was gud and better than dokudu ..
    Director handled the scrip nicely
    First Half ->Nice
    Second Half ->OK as per script
    Nothing more we can expect from director
    Dokudu ->It is not upto mark ..bad on Mahesh choosing such weak subject
    One can eaisly find that Oosarvalli is gud movie than DOKUDU
    Srini/Lola ->Learn to encourage gud movies..
    Srini->Based on ur verdict if Hero should be 6feet then Y did Nag succeed ?? till now no six feet hero succeded much in Telugu … change ur mindset ..

  • Dinakar

    Saw Oosarvalli and it is a gud movie .. gud direction , Tamanah will surely grab award , Overall it is a gud script and better movie than DOKUDU ..
    First half looked like Arya but director managed well ..comedy is also OK ..
    Dokudu : Not much intresting in the movie .. ther is no story at all in the movie ..bad direction ..
    Go watch Oosarvalli ..gud movie

  • pushpa

    I watched Oosarvalli ..it is a Nice movie ..
    direction gud , Tamnah action is also gud , gud on NTR part on selecting gud subjects ..
    First Half was nice looked like subject did not suit NTR but director justified that in Second Half..
    Dokudu is not gud ..poor script ..

  • rajesh

    Saw Oosarvalli ..very much better than Dokudu ..
    gud movie with gud script ..
    Second half heroine action superb
    Has all elements to be a HIT movie ..
    Gud luck NTR

  • http://Yahoo Vishnu munna

    Fed up with dis movi… Silly dialogues …… Its a completely a disaster film

    • Kohith

      The film is excellent when u watch it with open mind. If u look into it, ntr’s acting is amazing.it is a very good film with nice direction.

    • monu

      did u c movie……..go and another time not a antifan as audien.. movie is superb…..

      • Didi

        Movie is toooo good…It is much much better than dookudu…
        I loved the screenplay n twists in the movie. Tamannas performance is awesome. Havent seen any movie with a good story in the recent times…

        • Kan

          Movie super i am watching three times

          • rajesh

            telugu industry record ooearavelli dookudu is comedy movie oosaravelli is action entertainer with beautiful story dookudu only 4 bramahanandam n msnarayana ntr rockssssssssssssss once again super hit oosaravelli 2011 iam not a fan i have seen this movie go n watch oosaravelli n comment i wil appreciate

          • rajesh

            oosaravelli rocksssss no doubts first week collections 60crs ntr,tamanna apt 4 the roles story,screenply,dialogues,ntr action superrrrrrrrrrrr i am not a fan 4 any actor watch oosaravelli worth watching different story no comparison first half entertaining brayakali first song song awesome nenante naku extrodinary love ante caring dandiya super dance niharika good srianjaneyam great yelango beautiful overall movie grattttttttttttttttttttttttttt my rating5/5 4 this moviee

          • rama

            oosaravelli vs dookudu dookudu is comedy if u want to see real acting go n watch oosaravelli ntr acing amazing story,sccreenply action tremendous no doubt worth watching ntr tamanna rockssssss oosaravelli rating 5/5 10/10

    • santosh

      have u seen oosaravell excellent movie go n watch n call meeeeeeeeeeee babu movie kekaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am not a fan of any actor i have watched movie 5 times

  • p.srinu

    super hit movie ntr acting very well the movie oosaravelli creating new record in tollywood

  • suabu

    well said giri..Height is not that much Criteria for being hero..if u see Chiru,pavan kalyan,jackie chan,.amir,sharukh khan they r not 6 feet height..but they r very famous..its d screenpresence which a hero should have..n ntr has it..dont talk nonsense mr.srini..

  • kishore

    A gud movie…. NTR action in the film was really good and thamana gave her best…. story was good… in second half the movie droped a bit … first half was really good and entertaining

  • sai

    it a nice mve go and watch it
    the flashback episode was highlight for the mve
    in 1st half ntr action is 2 good
    mve is better than dookudu

  • monu

    movie is awesome….when i saw 1st time i had confused..when i went 2nd time movie is superb..so i went 3rd time..movie is awesome…don’t listen antifans word go and watch movie superb……….super action by NTR and TAMANNAH……

  • Rajeev

    Movie is superb ..cant expect anything more ..
    This movie should be remaked into Hindi with Salman Khan
    Tammnah ->action superb – surely will walk up with Filmfare award in Telugu 2011
    Director managed thin story line very nicely , making the audiences gripping & very intersting .. this itself tells what his direction skills r..
    Total Paisa Vasool movie ..
    Dokudu nothing else but just MUD ..no story at all ..bad on Mahesh on selecting such weak subject ..surely not a 100days movie

    • chiru

      arey …………..jaffa…………ademanna ……….mve na ra

      • bala krishna

        sir manu affa garu meeru oka movie teesi apuudu inkokarini blame cheyyandi

      • pankaja

        meru movie chusara choosi matladu neeku emkavala movieloooo thamadudu actio na comedy na sentiment ta twist ta different tttaaa songs aaaaa performance aa anni unnai manam teluguvallam garvapadali mahesh manchi actor ante ntr extrodinaryyy cricket lo chalamandi unnaru kani sachin antene ishtam entuku record create chesadu ntr will rule tollywood oppukooooooooooooooo nenu evariki fan kadu manchi cinema ki fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • bob

    r u crazy the movie is aweswome. people who say its bad clearly has no taste what so ever. you have no heart if u think its bad. if u picture your self a niharika in the flash back you would feel like dying. you cleary have no heart

  • gk

    movie is super
    flash back episode is awesome
    i want to go for the 5th time
    eally nice ,sofar i cant see such a movie with emotions

    • lavanya

      correct ur right iam watching 4 7th time oosaravelli great new diffent excellent extrordinary tremendouus ntr rockssssssss once again will break all records

  • habeeb

    it is tooooooooooooooo good

  • natesh

    Nice movie .. simple story moulded nicley to show differntly and making the movie intresting .. , gud direction ../Yes Tmanaha did superb action , In recent times i have never seen any heroine is such gud performance role in a Big hero movie.., it reminds me of Soundarys role in Anthapuram ..Yes people who say that this movie is bad have no Heart at all .., i felt it is a lot better than dokudu..
    Jr.NTR : as usal gud , but great on ur part for giving gud role for a Heroine ..



    • mahe

      is the movie is good

    • bala krishna

      madhu first of all know the spelling of ‘waste’ then blame others.

  • reddy

    Overall movie is Nice .., i felt it is better than Dokudu

    • immu

      may be interms of worst

  • Nani

    Movie is gud , first half was very nice, second half dropped a bit but flashback tammnah action was nice ..Overall it is well managed story line , nice than DOKUDU
    These wbsites have misguided the public with rong reviews

  • Yaminikumar

    Movie was fantastic NTR acted diffrently and was best than other movies which we have now…

  • sharath

    the movie was tooooooooooo worst in the theaters they r giving 1 zandu free for 1 ticket

    • immu

      sharath is correct

    • raju

      sharath you are absolutly true about oosaravilli .we donate zandu free for jr.ntr and balayya fans

      • bala krishna

        subbu,sarath,immu,raju zandu balm avasaram ledandi meeru movies chudakunda unte ade 10000.

        • ajay

          ala yelagandi chudakunda intlo vundhamante intlo ntr interview lu osaravalli add lu chudaleka chachipothunnam poni tv kuda chudakunda vundhamante bayata pichi valla hadavidi yekkuva aipothundi bala krishna garu

  • subbu

    movie is nice..Zandu should be Given For Balayya N Pawan Kalyan Movies Now..

  • Raju

    Movie was a decent one … , any one seeing the movie can easily feel this ..
    Finally they started to give CROCIN Tablets for 01 DOKUDU Ticket as ZANDU could not solve the PROBLEM ..
    DOKUDU -> Looked just an empty BOX .., director should have taken Allari Naresh , movie would have completed in just 5crores and producers would have saves 30Crores .., this would have added for their first week collections ..
    First CROCIN tablet should be given to SHARATH

    • ajay

      yenti me vurlo dookudu movie ki tablets ichara me ooru yentha keko ardham chesukovali. anni ooorullo oosaravalli ki isthunnaru ga oka sari sariga chusi comment pettu byeeeeee i like u

  • raju

    Hi ,
    I felt movie is OK , it looked far better than Dokudu ..
    If u go watch Dokudu – U may have to take Crocin tablet for sure,,,
    For Sharath,immu ,raju ->for u people brain surgery is required so that u people learn how to judge movies ….
    Movie story is differnt , see Tammnah action in oosarvalli and Samantha action in Dokudu , Nakkaki Nagaloganiki unantha Theda ra ..

    • ajay

      anthe gani ntr action over ani oppukovtla. avnu oosaravalli flop kadha mari yenti dookudu tho polchav ooohhhh simha laga hit cheddam anukuntunnara chuddam chivariki parama veera chattteeeee

  • imran

    ye voorlo karenteega inta laavuga untundi

    • ajay

      correct ga cheppav anna

  • ajay

    pakkana yevaru lekunda oosaravalli movie ki velladhu please. oka vela vellina chethilo tablets gani mana anna ntr ichina malabar gold ni gani compolsoury tisuku vellandi.

  • chittimoju abhinash achary

    i am fan of any hero but iam watch this i will be great fan you its not a funnny but also its true ,i like ur style and dialogue

  • Raju

    Ajay& Immu ,
    Dokudu movie is dependent on Comedy na since nothing new in story, the producers have spent unneccsarly 35Crores , they could have taken Allari Naresh -nd movie would have completed in 5Crores , they would have saved 30Crores .. ,
    Immu- Oka Dialgoue pattu koni Cinemal bagaledhu ante ala sir??
    Dokudu- Kachitanga 50days movie .. Khaleja was far a better movie than this ..
    Mahesh – movie lo 25Paise ki 1rupee action chesadu ..Just Overaction ..

  • bhaskar

    hey man raju, what stupid r u speaking man.ntr ‘s oosaravalli aruvu bokka. doookudu debbaki ntr kudelaipoyadu.aina nuvvu evaru ciema evaritho teeyaalo cheppadaaniki,superman va nuvvu,ntr lo emi nachindhi vai neeku, vaadi nalla pedala,height a inkemaina nachaaya,dookudu is perfect comedy and family entertainer,okka vishayam jr ntr gadi kanna allari naresh faar better babuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….

    • subbu

      Allari Naresh Far Better than Ntr..avuna..mari enduku jr.ntr ki 7 or 8 crores istunaru,enduku jr.ntr ki fans show undi,enduku jr.ntr ki ekuva fans unaru..ntr pedalu nallaga unaya..Mahesh pedalu kuda nallagane untai.chronic smoker kada..malli completega gaddam kuda gisukodu..theda voice..oosaraveli bagane undi.neku cinema nachakapothe k..but ntr gurnchi ila coment cheyadam baledu

    • subbu

      Allari Naresh Far Better than Ntr..avuna..mari enduku jr.ntr ki 7 or 8 crores istunaru,enduku jr.ntr ki fans show undi,enduku jr.ntr ki ekuva fans unaru

  • Razni

    5 feet oosaravelli…uttrtflop….

    5 feet poor fellow , how can be a young tiger???

  • kavya

    oosaravelli is d BEST MOVIE in NTR n TAMANNA carrier,a HEART TOUCHNG LUV STORY in recent days,coming 2 songs i luv BRATHAKALI,NENANTE NAKU,DAANDIYAA,NIHARIKA……NTR,tamanna pair z AWESOME,than q surrender reddy sir 4 giving such lovely oosaravelli 2 NTR,……..another YAMADONGA,BRINDAVANAM 2 NTR

  • tony

    NTR jus ROCKED in oosaravelli, TAMANNA is soooo sexy, another stylish HIT 4 NTR, than q surrender reddy sir 4 giving such a cute movie 2 tarak…

  • raju

    Bhaskar & subbu
    I agree to my words that Dokudu movie fall short of expectations, ther is no story at all , since it is dependent on Comedy,Allari Naresh would have been best choice , Dont think that only 6feet heros will rule industry ..if this was true Nag would have succeded in Tollywood by this time .. for u people cartoon movies with no stories r better, better mahesh go for Cartoon movie and u ppl can stare at him .., u ppl dont deserve to watch gud movies at all..
    Learn to appreciate gud movies whoever the hero is ..

  • Kumar raja

    Movie looked nice ..
    First half love track was nice ..
    Totally movie has a different story line ..
    It looked better than Dokudu i think
    Dokudu is based on comedy as ther is no story in the movie

  • rana

    oosaravelli a biggest BLOCKBUSTER in dis yr