Pizza 3D director Akshay Akkineni superstitious?

Not only the director but the entire team was spooked out on the sets of Pizza, we hear

A little birdie tells us that the team of Pizza 3D, an upcoming supernatural flick had some scar experience while shooting for the film, which made them all superstitious while continuing with the filming. We hear that the director Akshay Akkineni made a special request to the producers to cancel shoots on the 13th of any month. Reportedly, Akshay narrowly escaped an accident when a bulb crashed inches away from his head on a so-called inauspicious date, which is why he asked to cancel the shoots on 13ths. What more, he even made the producers perform a pooja to ward off the evil eye!

A source close to the Pizza team was quoted by a daily, “Much to the annoyance of producer Bejoy Nambiar, Akshay just wouldn’t agree to shoot on the 13th since he believed it would bring the film bad luck. However, after a point, Bejoy put his foot down and asked him to carry on with the filming, even if it meant shooting on the unlucky day. But Akshay wouldn’t relent until a pooja was performed on the sets to ward off the evil eye.”

Akshay told the daily, “We were filming a spooky scene in the mental ward of a city hospital on the day. I felt creepy and decided no shoots would happen on the unlucky date after one 13th fell on a Friday. I believe in spirits. And it’s not just me, our entire unit was scared. I had a close shave when a bulb, my production designer had fitted, broke on my head. Why welcome unnecessary trouble?” On being asked about the pooja, he confirmed, “Yes, Bejoy was not happy about it but I felt comfortable after it was done.”

Producer Bejoy said, “Akshay is superstitious. We also had to stall the shoot for a day because he insisted on that pooja. The unit was also apprehensive as we were shooting a spooky movie.”