Prabhas refutes rumours about dating YS Sharmila

The Baahubali actor rubbished all the specualtions of him being in a relationship with YS Sharmila, the daughter of former Andhra Chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy

Actors and politicians go hand in hand in Andhra Pradesh. But Rebel star Prabhas clarifies that it is not true in his case as he is not seeing YS Sharmila, daughter of former Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy. The actor took time off his busy schedule and made a public statement denying rumours which linked Prabhas with YS Sharmila.

While addressing the media, Prabhas spoke about his injury and rumours surrounding it. The actor said,” Over the past several months there have been many rumours concerning my health. My family members and close friends have received numerous phone calls from well wishers wanting to know if my health was okay, if I was in coma or seriously injured etc. which has been painful to the say the least to my family.Earlier, I have not responded seriously to rumours concerning my health, hoping that they would fade away. I felt that ignoring these rumours was the best way to deal with them.”

The Baahubali star added,”There have also been several embarrassing rumours about my alleged relationship with Ms YS Sharmila. I would like to categorically state that I have never met or spoken to YS Sharmilla and the rumours in circulation are completely baseless and have not even an iota of truth in them.However, I can’t ignore rumours, which affect another individual and I have now decided to issue this statement, to strongly condemn them. They are insensitive, disrespectful and are damaging to the dignity and reputation of a well respected individual who is married and a mother as well.”

After hearing what Prabhas has to say, one can surely say that the star is clearly irked with never ending rumours about him. Well, stardom does comes with a price. Right, Bollywoodlifers?