Prashanth on a weight losing spree for his next

After his two period films, Ponnar Shankar and Mambattiyan, Prashanth is getting ready for a contemporary movie which will be announced soon. The stylish actor is gearing up not just mentally but physically as well by shedding about  15 kilos for the role

“I hit the gym and work out rigorously,” Prashanth says. “I’d gained a lot of extra kilos for Mambattiyan. Now I’m trying to regain my previous shape,” adds the Jeans and Kannedhirey Thondrinaal star, who was popular as a romantic hero.Prashanth is all tight lipped about his upcoming film. “All I can tell you at this point is that it’s a contemporary subject and a popular director will be at the helm of affairs. The rest will be announced by the producer and the director in time.”

The popular south star is thrilled to have received the opportunity to work with his actor-director father, Thiyagarajan in Ponnar Shankar and Mambattiyan, says Prashanth. “With these two films, Appa has proved that he is not just an accomplished actor, but a talented director as well. I would like to follow in his footsteps,” he further adds. It will indeed be a treat to see Prashanth minus all the extra kilos. The cutie will definitely leave his female fans asking for more…