Producer bashes up director over ‘Arundhati’

Mercurial producer R S Gowda allegedly bashed up director B R Keshava in Prasad Lab in Bangalore. Keshava has filed a complaint against Gowda in the RMC Yard Police station in this regard

B R Keshava, who is known for his shoe-string budget films specially made to rake in moolah through satellite rights, had sold the satellite rights of Arundhati to R S Gowda for 17 lakh. Though Gowda had bought the rights, Keshava had been avoiding releasing the film citing one or the other problems. The film cannot be shown in TV unless it is released. Gowda’s 17 lakhs was in stake and he had given an ultimatum to the director to release the film soon. However, Keshava was reportedly avoiding the producer.

But Gowda managed to catch up with Keshava at the premises of Prasad Lab where Keshava was busy in the post production work of his new film. Gowda told him to either return the money or release the film. Tempers rose and Gowda reportedly lost his cool and bashed up Keshava. With tempers flying high we are not sure what will happen next. Nonetheless, the question still remains will Arundhati release or will producer Gowda get his money back?

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