Raj Kumar family helps lift ban on Nikitha Thukral

Raj Kumar family helps lift ban on Nikitha Thukral

Legendary actor Raj Kumar’s family has come to her rescue

Film producers in Karnataka have overturned the three-year ban imposed on actor Nikita Thukral, reportedly after direct intervention from the first family of Sandalwood, led by Mrs Parvathamma Rajkumar, the wife of late cine legend Raj Kumar. The Kannada Film Producers’ Association released a statement to this effect and confirmed that there was no plan to ban actor Darshan, who is currently in prison on charges of assaulting his wife Vijayalakshmi. In an FIR, the wife had mentioned a possible affair between Darshan and Nikita for her predicament.

KFPA chairman Muniratna told reporters that the ban will be revoked with immediate effect and Nikitha is free to act in any Kannada film in the future. He apologised on behalf of the producers and admitted that it was indeed a hasty and silly decision on the part of the association. “We have since conveyed an apology to Nikitha through a letter,” he said.

Earlier, Nikita had issued a statement stating that she was not one to seek publicity from injustice. “I would not like to justify myself because the truth is apparent. I am really hurt by the entire situation and I would not like to comment any further. I thank at this point everyone that has stood by me, especially my fans, artistes and my industry that has always been family to me,” she said.

The Raj Kumar family, known to be close to Vijayalakshmi, had kept mum on the Darshan affair but came out supporting Nikita. Parvathamma, regarded as the strong woman of Sandalwood, too came out opposing the ban suggesting that if the producers could take unilateral decisions without allowing the artistes to explain, then the time has come for actors to get together and form their own association. Earlier, Raj Kumar’s sons Shivraj, Puneet and Raghavendra, too had commented on the ban stating that whatever happened between Darshan and his wife should have been resolved at a personal level. “There is no reason why Nikita should be penalised for this by the producers, who are anyways not involved in bringing about a rapprochement between the couple,” a source close to the Raj Kumar family said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • nayana

    Nikita is as guilty as Darshan in committing this crime. She has knowingly trapped Darshan, a much married man, and used him for financial favors including buying apartment in Bombay. I do not believe Kanandigas should go let her go scot free – she too should be punished. This is not Punjab or Bombay where one can sell their morals. This is Karnataka & we value our morals & ethics much more than money – this is part of our culture. I think Dr.Raj also would not have let Nikita go scot free.

  • manya

    The culture of having extra marital affairs & stooping to low levels of prostitution for financial favors should not be allowed in Kannada film industry. These new comer girls are pushed by their mothers to earn more & become famous – at 30, who will marry this used girl now. So, she has trapped Darshan – poor fellow.