Raja Rani movie review: Arya, Nayanthara impress in a love story with a difference

Raja Rani movie review: Arya, Nayanthara impress in a love story with a difference

Atlees maiden venture is a modern day romance and is not short on entertainment value

The promos of Atlee’s Raja Rani created quite a stir by having a marriage invitation with the names of Arya and Nayanthara and that set the tone for an interesting run-up to the release of the movie. With the young director, an understudy of Shankar, at the helm, the hype just got bigger. He has chosen a romantic story, which at times reminds one of films of the past, but he has given his own twist to it.

Arya, who is among the top romantic heroes in Kollywood these days, teams up with Nayanthara again after Boss Engira Baskaran and they do form a formidable on-screen pair. They have Jai and Nazriya for company. Two love stories form the crux and how it is merged into one is told rather beautifully by Atlee. Arya has proved his mettle as the lover-boy in previous movies and is at ease again while ‘comeback queen’ Nayanthara steals the thunder. Jai underplays his role pretty well and emerges with flying colours. Music by GV Prakash with a couple of hummable songs, does add value to Raja Rani.

The story is about John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) who get married to keep their families happy. They start on the wrong-foot and nothing goes right mainly due to incompatibility. John and Regina are at loggerheads and this is because of their affairs of the past, which they aren’t able to leave behind. It is here we get to see a couple of more love stories – one involving John and Keerthana (Nazriya) and the other between Regina and Suriya (Jai). As luck would have it, the two affairs don’t reach their logical end. And, John and Regina end up marrying. They don’t see eye-to-eye on anything and after they confess about their past, they seem to be edging closer, but ego comes in between them. Do they live happily ever after forms the rest. In between all this, there is Santhanam, who raises a guffaw or two with his usual ‘punchy’ dialogues while Sathyaraj as the heroine’s father acquits himself very well.

It was an important movie for Arya, who has been having a poor run of late and he plays his part well. Nayanthara and Jai appear to steal the spotlight with measured performances while Nazriya doesn’t have much to do. GV Prakash’s music is one of the highlights of Raja Rani and the songs are peppy. Cinematographer George C Williams scores with vivid visuals.

On the whole, Atlee’s maiden attempt at film-making is good in parts, and does make for wholesome entertainment.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

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  • deepthi

    awesome movie…i loved it…gonna watch again….

  • shanmugaraj premkumar

    Already Watched 3 Times.. Still Love It.. Specially For Nazriya Nazim’s Cute Love.

    • karthick

      film is kinda ok…

  • Sarath Ar

    Awesome movie Yaar.,.. Still some of the background score is playing in my mind. I’ve watched several times this film because Its somethin new when compare to the Other love stories!!!

    • Arun Rajadurai J

      Its Simple.. Same Mouna Ragam. Already Manirathnam Gave A Commericial Love Subject in 1980

  • regil

    i love very much .

  • priya


    • Hari

      Very nice touching love

  • yasi

    this story,nearly coming on my life story.i love my clm.i m waiting to my clm