Rajinikanth cheers up fans

The superstar sent a message through his daughter, reassuring them of his health

Rajinikanth may be confined to a hospital bed these days, but he is still aware of his fans’ love and expectations. Before flying to Singapore for further medical treatment, the actor recorded a message for his fans from his hospital bed. His daughter Soundarya released the message, which began with his signature laugh. Rajini said in the message, “I am happily going about my routine. Will come back as soon as the treatment gets over. How can I reciprocate the love you have for me? I get paid for acting, for which you are showering this love. How will I repay your affection?” He added, “I will conduct myself in such a way that I never let my fans down. I have God’s blessings and the blessings of the Guru. Above all, I have the blessing of my fans, who are the manifestation of God.”

The superstar’s condition is said to be stable, but he was flown to Singapore and directly admitted to the ICU of Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The doctors say there is no major problem associated with his health; the admission to the ICU is only “for rest and rehabilitation”.

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