Rajinikanth to feature in Dhanush’s ‘Kolaveri di’?

Dhanush’s popular song Kolaveri di has passed the 10 million mark on YouTube, it’s become a youth anthem and celebs from the Indian film industry are going gaga over it. So how can superstar Rajinikanth stay away from it?

The Kolaveri di song from the upcoming Tamil film 3 is directed by Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya Dhanush. And Rajinikanth proudly says that he is thrilled that his daughter’s debut film is already creating so much buzz. As a gift to the team of the film, the superstar has promised to feature in the song.Now that’s like the perfect icing on the cake, ain’t it? Apparently, when Rajinikanth first heard the song, he burst out laughing as the lyrics didn’t make any sense to him, but then again, that’s exactly what made the song such a huge hit. Aishwarya is now planning special videos for the popular song. In a recent interview with a newspaper Dhanush said, “We are shooting three different videos for the song, sometime in December. We’re looking at videos that capture the mood of the song right now. And we’d only love it if Rajinikanth is part of everything we do.” Now we can’t wait for the videos to hit the internet. Hope it’s really worth the wait!

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