Ram Charan Teja vs Mahesh Babu – Who is No.1?

Ram Charan Teja vs Mahesh Babu – Who is No.1?

Fans of Tollywood’s hottest hunks Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan Teja use fist fights to decide who delivered the numero uno movie in Telugu cinema this year

The year began with Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster film The Businessman raking in big moolah at the box office. It was the first Telugu movie to release with subtitles in Japan, Paris, USA, UK, Dubai, South Africa and Canada. There’s no doubt that The Prince has gone on to become a hit worldwide. Ram Charan Teja’s Rachcha, on the other hand, released on April 5 and was also tagged as the mass masala entertainer. It was screened in 2400 theatres worldwide.

While the two stars are always seen portraying a friendly relationship, their fans just can’t see eye to eye! At a film screening in Narthaki theatre recently, Ram Charan’s fans put up posters claiming the film Rachcha was the no.1 film of the district. But this didn’t go down too well with The Prince’s fans. In retaliation, they tore down the banners, which led to a verbal brick-bat between the two groups. Things took an ugly turn when the war of words turned into major fist fights. However, no one is reported to be gravely injured thanks to the timely intervention of the police who stepped in to stop the fight.

It’s been a long time since the two films hit the theatres but it looks like the debate about which Telugu film is really no.1 still remains to be settled. So why don’t you tell us – is it The Businessman or Rachcha?


Ram Charan Teja’s ‘Rachcha’ in Tamil and Malayalam

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  • kumar rajput

    Mahesh Babu

  • methanithodugu

    No 1 to No 10 positons is Junior Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

    • maria

      #1…as if he even looks like a hero. and what the heck does #1 to 10 mean? …?

  • cherry

    its racha over businessman

    • maria

      only an idiot would say that

      • Suresh

        If you had IBNLive on Rachcha, you would realize that you are most stupid person in the world.

    • Surya

      Is it ? how, where, you are in dreams.

  • mani

    ram charan is better,for his age and experience he achieved success that is equal o several other super star’s

  • kalyan

    I am impartial not a fan of either ntr, mahesh, or charan. Charan’s only good movie is Maghadheera and that is only due to Rajoumili it did not require an extraodinary performance on his end. If you made that movie with any actor it would have been a blockbuster. NTR proved his histronics with Yamadonga and Mahesh with Pokiri. I think as of right now they are miles ahead of charan.

    • Suresh

      Are you deaf and dumb? Have you seen IBNLive? It reported Rachcha collected a share of more than 40 crores. A new director directed this film. Not Rajamouli. This shows the stamina of Mega family. Why did not NTRs Yamadonga did not become Industry hit? what happened to Maryada Ramanna? If Raja mouli is the main factor, those movies also should ATI hits? People like you should free up your mindsets.

  • vaibhav

    mahes babu is the salman khan of tollywood

    • niks patel

      yup. . . .surely . .
      Mahesh babu is d salman khan of t-wood.

  • Ram

    Mahesh is tall handsome and is directors actor.Charan like chiranjeevi,is a natural actor.mesmerising power in his dance charm in his actin n mannerisms.thats the image a actor should have..now u decide guys whoz better!!!1

  • Kiran

    What a silly comparision with a newbie to the Superstar of Tollywood…its pathetic to even compare the 1 movie wonder with the strature of a decade full of hits that Mahesh Babu scored purely with his acting skills and ability. He scored sucess and fan following based on that unlike the follow-on effect of the other short guy..Mahesh is way ahead of NTR, Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas & this short/plastic faced guy (he’s lucky to be in the top 5!!)….nuff said!!

  • Ratan

    Mahesh Babu is tollywood no.1 hero. Pls dont compare handsome Mahesh Babu with bad looking Ram charan tej(despeite of 3 to 5 face surgeries). Even Mahesh acting skills are much better than ram charan.

  • hanuma

    le na kodaka u first look at once(cherry)……

  • Raghavendra V

    Mahesh Babu(Topper in the Batch)

  • mohana

    i love u very much.

    • Suresh

      I love you too, sweet heart.

  • ammaar

    i like mahesh babu,he is best actor he is the best actor in the world there is no comparestion between mahesh and ram charan

  • sanu

    listen both are approaching different style of acting…its only Magadheera which make charan as the ultimate hero of Andhra where Mahesh is having the guge fan following…so better to enjoy the movie of both…plz dont fight

    • Surya

      Yes. u r right. it is foolish to fight for somebody. let us enjoy by seeing the real wonderful movies for anybody else of telugu industry.

  • vamsi

    my vote is maheshbabu because.He is WONDERFULL person

  • bsbabu

    Mahesh Babu is the No-1

  • sultan

    mahesh babu is no 1

  • arun

    mahesh is not only tall & handsome but also a brilliant actor.he proved himself by giving industry hits.we can expect more blockbusters 4m him in d future.he deserves to be no.1. sorry, he is no.1 & will be so in d future.

  • Manasa

    Undoubtedly Mahesh.How can u even compare Charan who is good at nothing (say itz acting capabilities, Good looks)except dance..Jr.NTR is also far behind who has the support only from his community…

  • Sagar Waghmare

    Only Mahesh Babu.

  • Sushant Gaikwad

    Mahesh babu is the shahenshah of tollywood.

  • mani

    ram charan is best……..

  • Chittajallu Ram Mohan Rao

    RC has no match to MB. By all means, MB is perfect hero and he can compete with Bolly and Hollywoods even.

    • Suresh

      Mahesh babu is chocolate boy, GIRLY look. Ram Charan is “Definitely Male” look.

  • rohit gujar

    Mahesh Babu is the No.1 actor in Tollywood & In Bollywood also.

  • pratheek

    Mahesh babu is an awesome hero.Many get impressed by him in d first look itself.His looks,body language,performance r just amazing.That is why he is called as the SUPERSTAR.

  • ashis

    Undoubtedly Mahesh Babu!This gentleman has got extrordinary fan following.Though he has not acted in hindi,many people like him in the north.

    • nayana

      yes. ur right. MAHESH is top in tollywood. his remunaration is 15 crores for the movie ‘RULER’. idokkati chalu mahesh stamina ento cheppadaniki.

      • kumar

        this is kumar from USA and i always used to watch the movies of MAHESH and actually i like mahesh very much.

        • teja

          what is the need of fight ? just think CHARAN (cherry) is having a 4 movies background only but ruling crores of hearts , so he will be no.1 in my opinion,,
          mahesh is also good actor and looking good but charan speed is amazing

  • chakri

    mahesh always prince of tollywood

  • rohith

    Mahesh Babu , the ‘RULER’ of many hearts.Feeling proud that this prince is from tollywood.

  • rohit gujar

    Mahesh babu always remains the No. 1 actor in south.

  • rohit gujar

    Mahesh babu always remains the No. 1 actor in south. If he debut in hindi cinema then he will also become No.1 actor in B -Town.

  • Suresh

    Ram Charan is just 4 movie old in the industry. But 2 out of 4 are All Time Industry hits. This puts him on the No 1 spot. When Chiranjeevi ruled the Telugu film industry, Chiranjeevi was the No 1 hero and others including mahesh start from only 11. Entire Telugu Media reported this. Now Ram Charan is No 1. and others start only from No 11.

    • Surya

      Poor Suresh..you are in dreams

  • Ramya

    Mahesh is a chocolate boy, Girly look, Faminine look. Ram Charan is a “Definitely Male” look. Ram Charan looks romantic. He is the no 1 in tollywood.

  • Chitlu

    Mahesh babu is no.1 hero of tollywood. Pls dont compare handsome Mahesh babu with bad looking Ram charan. Even acting skills of Mahesh babu are far better than Ram charan. Mahesh babu Rockz………

  • priyanka

    mahesh is very handsome hero in south.don’t compare with others.he is rocking

  • Sameer

    I am from north nd have seen few dubbed movies of mahesh babu….. He is a nice looking guy nd acts very well… Not to forget that it’s mahesh who has replaced bollywood super star akshay kumar as the in the very famous cola ad… Which akshay was endorsing since the last 8 years…

  • Sameer

    I am from north nd have seen a few dubbed movies of mahesh babu….. He is a nice looking guy nd acts very well… Not to forget that it’s mahesh who has replaced bollywood super star akshay kumar as the in the very famous cola ad Which akshay was endorsing since the last 8 years…
    For example.: ranbir kapoor has became a craze among youth now a days but by this you can’t compare him with salman or srk…
    I think charan tej has a long way to go.

  • Ramesh rathode

    Cuming to looks mahesh rocks, times of india most desiredmen only shows mahesh’s buzzing performance … Cuming to charan he just rocks the dance floor… He has mas audience fallowing… So finally of nw mahesh is tollywood prince.

  • yaswanth

    mahesh is great actor but charan rockzzzz

  • soumith

    mahesh babu sir was very good actor.


    MAHESHbabu sir is very good actor

  • priyadarshini.A

    mahesh ilove u iamur biggest fan and ramakrishna is also ur biggest fan we both love u

  • nag

    mahesh babu is good actor& 1 hero

  • Pavan Raju

    mahesh is one and only superstar in tollywood ,,mahesh acting skills ,style,looks are much better then charan and still charan has long way to go so NOW,,,PRINCE Mahesh IS no.1 in tollywood better don’t compare him with any actors..


    MAHESH BABU is no1 in tollywood for ever

  • shubham

    i m 4m mumbai.recently i saw mahesh babu’s new thumsup ad & searched 4 him in google. i saw his hindi dubbed movie jigar kaleja.his looks & performance were amazing. i wonder why he is not acting in hindi films!his looks perfectly suit bollywood.

  • Manasa

    Ram charan’s acting ,dance and his performance is awesome amazing so he is no 1 in tollywood for ever so plz plz plz don’t compare with any other actor’s……………

  • karthik

    Mahesh babu Rockzzzz.!
    He is on dhookudu no body can touch no:1place except mahesh

  • bunty

    ofcourse mahesh is no.1 of tollywood soon he will be no.1 of south india mahesh rocks jai maheshism

  • narender reddy d

    ram charan is no1 hero in tollly and bollly and kolly

    • Surya

      inka goli, cooli, ha ha ha ha


    Beyond doubt Maheshbabu is a real superstar.Ther is only one prince in the entire tollywood its him.His only competetor is he himself….ther has been no actor in the tollywood yet with whom he can be compared…UR POSITION IS UNREACHABLE….

  • Sambasiva@alwayscharan

    Charan is no1 hero he is indias no 1 hero

    • rehaman

      mada face ram charan gadiki prince tho na potti aa. 25 sarlu sargery chesina face ki mahesh ka. burada jathi burada lage undali bacha gadu ledu poti ledu.super star no:1

      • Naveen

        These Two Heros are Not at all No1 of tolloywood
        The Real HEro of tolloywood is one and only Young tiger NTR
        He can Dance and He looks Smart, the actor Of DEcade

        • bunty

          always chowdaries plays a royal game all mahesh ntr anr venky families lead tollywood……….

      • krissh

        evadra nuvu nee eba ma charan ke cinema chupistunava. cina vochinde ma chiru family kosam. enkokasari charan gurinchi mathladithe ne pica pisiki champuta. you understand

      • lokesh

        first mi mada prince ganni maghadheera movie ki thagalamanu tarvatha amaina vunte nvu nenu chusukundham…..

        • bunty

          orey moham paguluddi prince ni amina ante he is just handsome on earth……….

          • anjani

            maheshbabu is the handsome hero in the cine industry….

  • Ashik@alwayscharan

    Charan ki jaffa mahesh comparsion aa it’s a funniest joke of the decade ,charan is not india’s no1 he all world no1,he is the ruler of the world

  • Sarath

    Charan ki jaffa mahesh comparsion aa it’s a funniest joke of the decade ,charan is not india’s no1 he all world no1,he is the ruler of the world

  • gopi

    charan is the no.1 endukante mahesh babu ki antha seen ledu endukante mahesh 2,3 shirts lu vesikoni personality cover chesukuntadu.dance ante theliyadu.charan emito thana 4 movies tho chupinchadu magadeera record break cheyaleka donga lekka jaffa cinema patukoni superhit ani cheppinna mahesh ,krishna pedda jaffallu

    • Vineetha chowdary

      Ra ram charan pada jafa gadu vade ne mahesh tho compare chayadama vadu ram charan kapu jafallu

      • lokesh

        haha…. ram charan jaffa na… mahesh babu pedha jaffa….

    • yashwanth

      There is no relation between acting and dancing. Prakash Raj is the best actor in south but unfortunately, he cannot dance like rct or ntr, does not have stylish looks like those of mb,rajnikanth. But, all these did not prevent him from winning the national award for best supporting actor.
      I personally like mahesh babu because of his acting skills. His acting was awesome in okkadu, athadu and pokiri. Remember, he won Nandi award several times. Moreover, he does not depend on his father’s image. Ram charan’s nick name is mega powerstar, a combination of chiranjeevi and pawankalyan. Hence, his image is because of chiru and pawan.

      • sari

        u r xactly correct! charan has nothing 2 tel about him only using his father’s name and pawankalyans! alari naresh is far better than him!


    Mahesh z a superstar and no.1 actor of INDIA.No one can match him.He has the most awards against him.

  • sai charan

    ram charan ekada ma mahesh babu ekada ram charan ma mahesh babu kalu goti kuda paniki radu dookudu tho ani records teraga rasadu ram charan gagrata so maaheesh babu is no:1

  • Abhinay

    ram charan is the best hero of tollywood …
    and he is the no 1 hero in india

  • Kiran,vijag

    Mahesh is no1 in bodybuilders, but charan is no 1 in whole india sry not an india but also world

  • jack

    mahesh iz no.1 …no doubt at all

  • sunil

    asalu charan ni mahesh tho compete chesthara?? charan ki actinge radhu chimpanzee ki most handsome prince ni race lo petti mahesh range thagginchakandi pawan tho pettina meaning undhi

    • lokesh

      evadu chimpanzee… mahesh ni first allari naresh tho poti padamanu..tharwatha ram charan tho…..

    • ganesh

      cheppu theguddhi

  • krishna

    mahesh is always NO.1 in tollywood industry

  • prince prashhh

    MAHESH is not a name its a BRAND he is no.1 aina charan to comparision antey ne navvosthondhi adhey do prabhas ko ntr ji pavan ko pedithey okay poyyipotti vaanitho comparision its funny

  • fruity

    prince is always no.1 we love him so much charan is just nothing but monkey faced idiot…………..

  • all d girls

    all d girls loves milk boy prince mahesh onlyyyyyyyyyy

  • Bhuvan

    Mahesh babu no 1 hero in d world

    • kalyan

      pawan ubdaga evariki antha scene ledu

  • jackson

    mahesh is handsom tall but cherry is short and yuk ,,, mahesh is doing a hollywood movie.. he is also famous in our us

  • donavallimohan

    mahesh babu no 1 hero in india he is real super star

  • pramila

    Mahesh babu superstar and no.1 actor of INDIA.No one can touch his records.

    • mahesh

      no 1 mahesh babu

  • chinna

    Charan no1

  • Guru

    Based upon acting, Mahesh is good actor and charan is only in the list just becoz of chiru.
    Based upon the beauty , i may better leave this without comment

    • phani

      Charan is better than maheshbabu he got the image of krishna charan is good at dance, bodymaintain maheshbabu waste

  • rajareddy

    Based on Times Magazine Super Star Mahesh got the India’s 2nd most Desirable man of the year 2013. This shows the Mahesh Babu Stamina in fan folloing not only in Andhra Pradesh, over all National wide even without acting in Bollywood.

  • eswar esan

    mahesh babu is tha no.1 super star





  • Praveen

    Charan is no:1 hero

  • Karthik

    No 1 to no 10 positons is super star mahe babu

  • sunil

    superstar. prince mahesh babu

  • Charan

    Mahesh is superstar.he is universal hero.chran is bacha,littlele star do not compare charan with mahesh.

  • Zain Kazmi

    You are compairing handsome Mahesh Babu with that ugly Ram Charan . Mahesh gave some handsome Bollywood heroes like : Hrithik Roshan , Ranbir Kapoor , Shahid Kapoor , Sidharth Malhotra , Varun Dhawan , Arjun Rampal a run for their money in the 2013 Most Desirable Indian Men list ranking where the Prince topped the list beating the heroes .