Rima Kallingal bunks shooting schedule of ‘Unnam’

After popular actor Nithya Menen, Rima Kallingal is being targeted by film directors body FEFKA

A few days back the producers’ body had arbitrarily banned Nithya Menen because she refused to meet a producer on the set! Reportedly now, Rima may face the same music as she ignored shoot schedule and planned a trip to Thiruvananthapuram on the same day.Director Siby Malayil had planed to shoot the climax of his new film Unnam in Kochi which got postponed due to Rima’s absence irking the director.  The actor clears the air saying that it was a communication error. She had given dates to the film only up to September 30, and had committed October 1 for a private function. It was communicated to the production manager of Unnam as per the industry norm, but he forgot to tell the director! The twist in this tale is that, Rima, some say, is being targeted by the powerful male dominated Malayalam film industry for supporting Nithya Menen. Rima had tweeted , “I believe we live in a free and democratic country where we can decide whom, when, how, why and where to meet anyone. So does Nithya Menen”.  B Unnikrishnan of FEFKA has referred the matter to the artists association AMMA. Idavela Babu, secretary of AMMA said, “We will look into the matter. Rima had made it clear that she has another commitment on October 1, and had informed the production manager”. Meanwhile, perhaps to put an end to the controversy, Rima Kallingal has re-joined the shoot of Unnam.