Rishika Singh’s bare act in ‘Yaaradre Nanagenu’ creates controversy

Sandalwood’s controversy queen, Rishika Singh is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. The self-appointed moral police are creating a hullaballoo over her decision to bare it all in Yaaradre Nanagenu

Rishika Singh, the daughter of director-producer SV Rajendra Singh Babu had earlier also created a storm when she sported a bikini in her maiden film Kanteerava. Rishika justifies her actions by stating that the only people she is answerable to are her parents. The actor claims that before taking up anything she always consults her mother. But this did not go down well with Sunanda Kurukoti of Ahind Abali organisation.

Sunanda gathered protestors and staged a dispute in front of Sri Kanteerava Studios demanding the obscene scenes in Yaaradre Nanagenu be omitted. The protest encouraged TV channels to organise a face to face chat with Rishika and Sunanda. In an interview, the activist said that she will approach the Regional Censor Board and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to ban the explicit scenes from the movie and stop Rishika from doing such obscene scenes henceforth.

Meanwhile Rishika said that the scene was not a publicity stunt but a very integral part of the plot. She further explained that the scene was about a girl who had been raped and buried, as she emerges from her grave. The actor claims that Sunanda was trying to create a mountain out of a mole hill and had no decency. The whole issue is unnecessarily being made into a communal problem by bringing in a Hindu-Muslim angle. While the two boil over the issue, we are waiting to see the promos of the movie to figure out who is really right and wrong.