Salony Luthra: I had to completely disconnect from Mumbai for Sarabham

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Mumbai-based newcomer Salony Luthra says she had to completely disconnect herself from the city to slip into the shoes of her complex and challenging character in upcoming Tamil action-thriller Sarabham.

“I play a very complex and challenging character for which I had to completely disconnect from Mumbai. When I was in Chennai for 45 days, I never thought of Mumbai or my lifestyle there because my role demanded me to be in that (a different) space,” Salony told in an interview.

“Since I had mentally disconnected from Mumbai, I only saw myself as the character I was playing in the film, not as Salony. Although the transformation was difficult, the overall experience was fantastic,” she added.

A theatre artist with N.K. Sharma Act One, Salony was signed on for the project after several girls were turned down.

“When I was called for auditions, I had come to learn that more than 90 girls were already rejected for the role. I think when I went, the timing was perfect and I was eventually confirmed for the project. I feel extremely lucky to start my acting debut with such a big banner,” she said.

Directed by debutant Arun Mohan, Sarabham is produced by C.V. Kumar, popular for producing low-budget, content-driven blockbusters such as Pizza, Thegidi and Soodhu Kavvum.

Salony says she “thoroughly enjoyed working” with a young team.

“I worked with a young and energetic team. We shot the film in 29 days and that was possible only because everybody was extremely passionate about what they’re doing,” she said.

Sarabham, which is slated for release in July, also features Naveen Chandra and Naren in important roles.