Sameera rides a bike, falls off

She fell off a bike when the outfit she was wearing got caught in it

Sameera Reddy is a dressmaker’s delight. Her tall stature and shapely figure ensures that the super hot actress appears even more so on screen, regardless of what she wears. The dusky beauty has already wowed her fans in several avatars – ranging from the demure to the sultry. However, few in the industry are aware that the actress, who has appeared on screen in everything from swimwear to business suits, had a hidden dress desire. She loves sporting the traditional half-sari (pavadai-thavani), usually worn by teenaged girls in Tamil Nadu. So, when director Linguswamy cast her in Vettai, Sameera was thrilled to bits as it required her to prance around in the outfit for several scenes. However, fate intervened in a rather cruel way and her very first shot wearing the half-sari ended in a mishap. The scene required Sameera to ride a bike wearing a half-sari. However the outfit caught the bike, and she along with co-star Amala Paul fell to the ground. While the latter escaped with minor bruises, Sameera had to be rushed to hospital for a thorough checkup. However, all was well in the end and shooting resumed after a short break.