Sampoornesh: We are re-releasing Hrudaya Kaleyam as my birthday gift to audiences

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Recent Telugu low-budget hit Hrudaya Kaleyam will be re-released Friday in Andhra Pradesh on the occasion of actor Sampoornesh Babu’s birthday. A few scenes will be added to the film to draw audiences to the cinemas.

“When the film was originally released in April, many people couldn’t watch it because schools and colleges had exams and also due to the political situation in the state. We are re-releasing the film with a few additional scenes as my birthday gift to audiences May 9,” Sampoornesh said in a statement.

“I’m extremely thankful to my producer for accepting my request to release the film again. I’m sure people will come to the cinemas to watch it,” he added.

Hrudaya Kaleyam, directed and produced by debutant Steven Shankar, also features Ishika Singh and Kavya Kumar in key roles.