Sandalwood rises in support of Nikitha

From being just Darshan’s family affair, the unfortunate incident is leading to serious debates

While the Kannada film industry appears divided on supporting actor Darshan, who is currently in custody for allegedly assaulting his wife Vijayalakshmi, there is near unanimity when it comes to supporting the ‘other woman’ Nikitha Thukral. The 30-year-old resident of Mumbai has found support not only amongst the Sandalwood bigwigs like the Raj Kumar family and other co-stars, some producers are even suggesting that they would sign her up for their films by flouting the three-year ban imposed by the Karnataka Film Producers Association. As always, Ramya was more than articulate via her Twitter account. “I don’t understand why Nikita has been unnecessarily dragged in this issue and has been banned from the industry. The easiest way is imposing ban. In this world there is no punishment to men. It should be only for women. What kind of enjoyment these people take, I don’t understand,” she thundered. Meanwhile, the ‘Challenging Star’ has once again moved court seeking bail. First Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Venkatesh Hulagi had rejected an earlier bail plea on grounds that he did not have jurisdiction to handle the case under IPC Section 307 that relates to ‘attempt to murder’. His efforts to secure bail suffered a setback despite his wife retracting her statement in court and suggesting that her injuries were a result of a fall in the bathroom. While senior actors like Ambareesh have tried to bring about a rapprochement between the couple, the Raj Kumar clan has remained silent as they are known to be close to Darshan’s wife.