Shivarajkumar meets Kannada actor Darshan in jail?

According to sources, actor Shivarajkumar met Kannada star Darshan on Monday at the Parappana Agrahara jail. And the actors held discussions about Darshan’s troubles

Shivarajkumar was shooting for Shiva at the Parappanna Agrahaara Central Jail where Darshan has been sent to custody. Film sources say Shivarajkumar took time from shooting in the afternoon and met Darshan for five minutes.Earlier, the talk was that Darshan and Shivarajkumar were not in the best of terms after the latter provided shelter for Darshan’s wife Vijayalakshmi for two days at his residence. This was in the aftermath of Darshan’s alleged assault on Vijayalakshmi. The buzz was that Darshan refused consent to meet Shivanna, but source say the meeting did take place. Shivrajkumar reportedly pacified Darshan and asked him to prop up his conduct. Shivarajkumar on his part denies meeting Darshan in jail. The actor said he was there just for the shoot, but would meet Darshan once he is released on bail.