Siddharth: My character has a few twists that cannot be revealed!

On the day of his film’s release, Siddharth reveals why Jigarthanda is one of its kind film

After crossing lots of hurdles and facing lots of hardship, Karthik Subbaraj’s Jigarthanda has finally hit the screens today. While the fans are happy that much awaited film is out for the masses to see, time will tell if the wait was worth it. The hero of the film, who was recently on the news for his Twitter outburst due to film’s unexplained delay, gets chatty about the film and his role in it.

“It is a kick-ass film. My image so far has been the boy-next-door kind. I want to get rid of this chocolate boy image. Karthik’s script and presentation offers me a role to showcase my versatility. I like to play the everyday man and this film is in different genre, which I have not done before”, said the actor to leading daily.

When quizzed how Jigarthanda is different from regular gangster flicks, Siddharth responded,”  If you have noticed in the trailer, the director has attempted to show me in a different light and the focus is more on the deadly villain than the hero because my character has a few twists that cannot be revealed”.

The film is said to be a triangular love story between an aspiring filmmaker, an Idli seller and an ageing gangster set in the city of Madurai, in south Tamil Nadu. Jigarthanda‘s villain Bobby Simha has been getting positive response for his role even before the film’s release. Jigarthanda made the makers and the actor’s to fret and sweat a lot due to the postponement in the release. Now that the film is out, Jigarthanda team is keeping their fingers crossed, waiting for the audience verdict.