Singam 2 teaser: Suriya is the raging lion

The teaser of Singam 2, the long-awaited sequel to Singam, has just been released and Suriya fans can expect to see their hero in full-on action mode

The teaser of director Hari’s Singam 2, starring superstar Suriya in the lead role, draws parallels between the film’s protagonist and a raging lion as Suriya goes about leaping, running and fighting. Somehow, you can’t help thinking it’s going to be one more of those dishoom dishoom flicks, even if Hari is quite a master of the cop film genre and knows how to make his films racy and watchable.

We get only a fleeting glimpse of the film’s leading lady, Anushka Shetty, so is she going to be no more than a hunk accessory? Character artistes and veteran performers Manorama and Vijayakumar make a reassuring appearance and we know at least some classic acting is on the cards. The music sets the mood for a non-stop action fest.

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