South actor Lissy Priyadarshan disowns her father

Malayalam actor, Lissy who is married to hotshot director Priyadarshan, has been involved in a long-running battle with her father over maintenance issues

The story involving yesteryear south actor, Lissy and her family is getting murkier with each passing day. A local court in Ernakulam (Kochi) recently ordered Lissy to provide Rs 5000 per month to her father VD Varkey as subsistence money as per the laws governing the upkeep and protection of senior citizens and one’s parents. The order came after Varkey complained that his daughter was ignoring him.  However, the yesteryear screen siren has now come out with a startling revelation that Varkey was not her father and that she had never been told of his presence till date. Lissy’s father had reportedly abandoned the family when she was a child.  She claimed that even her school certificate mentions her father as George and not Varkey and that she was not legally bound to pay anyone any money without the requisite proofs.