SS Rajamouli: I picked Sudeep after watching him in ‘Rann’

When Sandalwood star Sudeep was selected for a pivotal role for Rajamouli’s bi-lingual, Eega in Telugu and Naan Ee in Tamil, the question on everybody’s lips was, why Sudeep?

Recently, ace director SS Rajamouli himself answered why he chose Sudeep for the lead in his bi-lingual, when he was in Bangalore for the press meet of the film which is set to release in more than 1,200 centres in South India. Here is what Rajamouli had to say about Sudeep: “The complexity of Sudeep’s role is such that the character needs to be stylish, comic and serious while depicting his villainy. It is a very complex character and I wanted someone who could do justice to it. I was watching Rann and I was blown away by Sudeep’s performance in it; that’s when I decided to cast him in Eega. I needed him badly and called him,” says Rajamouli.

Rajamouli added that he’s very proud of working with Sudeep. “At the end of my career, if someone asks me what have you done till now, I will proudly say that I have worked with a fantastic actor like Sudeep. He is a bundle of talent. I wanted the whole of South India to see his talent. So, I cast him in my film,” the director said.