Sunil Varma wants to play villian

The Telugu actor has played comedian in various films, and now is keen to play the bad guy on the 70mm

Comedian-turned-actor Sunil Varma is currently enjoying his recently acquired status of a lead actor, says he doesn’t mind playing a villain if a good opportunity comes his way. “I always aspired to be a villain in top directors’ films. I’ve always been a fan of filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli, and wished to play a villain in his films. I never got that opportunity but had the privilege of being introduced in a lead role by him in his film Maryada Ramanna,” Sunil Varma told a reporter.

“Even if I land an opportunity to play a villain in Rajamouli’s film today, I would happily do it. In fact, I don’t mind playing a villain in other films as well, provided I get strong roles,” he said.

Having started his career as a comedian with films such as Nuvvu Naaku Nachavu and Nuvvu Nenu, Sunil in the last couple of years had starred in a lead role in Tadakha and Mr Pellikoduku. Although he misses playing comic roles, he is happy with his career.

“I remember doing nearly 10 films a year as a comedian, but now as a hero it becomes difficult to even do two films in a year. I don’t mind doing few films as long as I’m happy with my roles and audiences like my work,” said Sunil. The 39-year old is currently getting ready to star in a mythological drama titled Bhakta Kannappa.