Telugu movie Denikaina Ready: Brahmin groups want to ban it!

Telugu movie Denikaina Ready: Brahmin groups want to ban it!

Manchu Vishnu and Hansika Motwani’s recent release has hurt the sentiments of some Brahmin groups, who have lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission

The row over Telugu movie Denikaina Ready, directed G Nageswara Reddy, is refusing to die down with activists of Brahmin organisations staging a protest in Hyderabad on Wednesday, November 7. Demanding a ban on the movie starring Manchu Vishnu and Hansika Motwani, protesters tried to march towards Raj Bhavan but were arrested. Raising slogans against Vishnu, they blocked traffic.

Some leaders of political parties BJP, TDP and TRS also joined the protesters, who were demanding the arrest of Vishnu and his father, veteran actor Mohan Babu, for last week’s attack on Brahmins. They alleged that people who were protesting outside Babu’s house on the night of October 31 were beaten up by his henchmen. The organisations are seeking a ban on the movie for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Brahmins.

The Brahmin groups have already lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission, which directed the police commissioner to submit a report on the incidents. Vishnu also filed a complaint with the Commission stating that some people attacked his house.

The protest near Raj Bhavan took place even as a group of Brahmin priests from Chennai expressed solidarity with Babu. They told reporters in Hyderabad that it was unfair to make allegations against a person who had utmost respect for Brahmins.

In another development, the Telugu Film Producers’ Association also backed Babu. They found fault with the organisations attacking theatres, houses of filmmakers and other property.

Eminent producer D Ramanaidu said it was for the censor board to take a decision when any group raises objections to certain scenes.

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  • suresh

    The film hurts certain section of people and hence banned immediately

  • Srinivas

    Any film projecting a particular community or religion in poor light or insulting religious sentiments of a particular group in society must be banned. Right to freedom of expression does not permit humiliating of societal sentiments

  • GSRamaiah

    what was happened all thses days happened.It is high time that both parties to this issue should sit to gether and talk in a congenial atmosphere and settle the matter.This is high time for the producers and directors to think twice to make any film which should not for even fun sake hurt the feelings of any caste.if any body do the same will the makers wont feel directors you are the first and fore most persons to take care about this.The legend ANR writely told that any film’s success or failure certainly depend on director.So becareful while making a film.All castes in the film field are contributing equally for the upliftment of telugu film industry.This is my openion.Thank you.