Thalaivaa trailer: Vijay in fierce form!

The Ilayathalapathy is portrayed as an ordinary man who fights for justice and a fair world

There’s no question that this is a typical mass hero film with Vijay’s character at the centre of all the action. What’s more, going by the trailer, there’s no dearth of violence either.

Vijay looks trim, fit and mature, and has certainly left his lover boy looks and image far behind him in Thalaivaa. There are glimpses of his relationship with the film’s heroine, Amala Paul, but clearly the romance is going to be only a side-track, for this is about the Thalaivaa (the leader), going about meting out justice and trying to establish a fair and peaceful world. His methods, however, may be far from non-violent.

Sathyaraj plays a crucial role and the trailer gives you a sense that he is Vijay’s mentor, according to the story. YG Mahendra also has a key character and Santhanam provides the laughs, but he’s hardly likely to overshadow the hero, as has been happening in recent films. Vijay’s own talent at comedy will ensure that.

Nirav Shah’s cinematography captures Sydney in real rather than tourist brochure fashion and GV Prakash’s rousing music sets the mood, particularly in the action sequences.

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