Toofan movie review: Ram Charan Teja delivers a punch!

Toofan movie review

Though the film is watchable, it is no match for the 1973 Amitabh Bachchan starrer Zanjeer

One thing you must do if you’re going to derive maximum enjoyment from Toofan is to decide not to compare it with the 1973 original, Zanjeer, which remains a classic till date. Amitabh Bachchan as the angry, young cop is a hard act to follow, but to Ram Charan Teja’s credit it must be said he’s turned in a powerful performance in an action-packed role.

Comparisons with the original are not quite relevant also because director Apoorva Lakhia has tweaked the screenplay so that Toofan is contemporary. ACP Vijay Khanna, played by a fit and handsome Ram Charan Teja, is a cop with high integrity who wants quick results. He’s your quintessential angry young man. Naturally, he crosses swords with the powerful and the corrupt and is targeted with several punishment transfers.

One of these transfers sees him land in Mumbai, where he is called upon to investigate the murder of a deputy collector. A powerful oil mafia, led by Rudra Pratap Teja, played rather clumsily by Prakash Raj, is behind the murder. As it happens, an NRI, Mala, played by Priyanka Chopra in her first outing in Tollywood, is the sole witness to the murder. As ACP Vijay closes in on the crimes, Teja unleashes his clout and Vijay is suspended. Enraged, he sets out to take down Teja and his empire, with the help of Sher Khan, played by Sri Hari, and an honest crime reporter Jay Dev, played by Tanikella Bharani.

Smart editing and a compact running time keep the movie taut and entertaining. Ram Charan Teja’s performance is definitely one of the high points of Toofan. He impresses, right from the action-packed opening scene to the well-shot climax and even in the song sequences. Priyanka adds oodles of glamour to the film, while Mahie Gill as the gangster’s moll verges on the risqué.

If you do end up comparing Toofan with the original Zanjeer, you’ll find it lacks the intensity of the Amitabh Bachchan hit. That’s probably because the plot is rather predictable and the Vijay-Mala, Vijay-Sher Khan relationships are not as well-etched as in the original.

So, leave the comparisons behind and you will enjoy this cop drama, which has Ram Charan Teja in a role that is different from his usual mass hero avatar in Tollywood.




Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

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  • srisailam Yadav

    Super Hit…

    • depak

      utter flop

  • tej

    poor movie another flap for cherry he dont know about story selection jai samaikyandra

    • vinu

      samaikyandra ki toofan mve ki em sambandam vundi ra

    • Nani

      era sulliiga ninnu mvi review gurinchi cheppara ante samaikyandra antaventra howla puku nakodaka inkosari samikyandra annavante gutti kosi chetilo pedta somberi nakodaka

      • veeru


    • balu

      gudda pagliddi nakodaka samaikyandra annavante

      • king

        nakodaka ni motham pagilidhi ne yaba nee babu jagiri telangana lanja kodaka ee desam lo adariki right vundhi pichi pukka ayna idhi oka movie vadhu oka koja gadu cinema minus yemith vade acting radu dance radu oke expression total chiru koduku antham kadhu prove chesukovalli



      • kiran

        nee gudda antha weak aaahhh!!!!

    • Sashi kiran

      Androdu thammude samaikyandhra ante thannude

    • harish

      arey o owle Jai telangana.

    • gopi

      jai telangana but movie bey adi em matladuthunav

    • venky

      jai telangana!!!!!
      jai jai telangana!!!!!!

  • Ram


  • Sri

    super duper hit movie …… tooooooooofan

    • Karim

      A caste vadilesi movie chudadam nerchukondi

    • chowdary

      R u mad?

  • Basha

    Very good

  • anil kumar

    movie ala undi correct ga cheppandi bay

    • @sri@

      just like hindhi dubbing movie

      • jaanvi

        is it worth watchable……

  • suresh kumar

    oray movie ala undi correct ga cheppandi bay . i dont want the review of fans and anti fans

    • chowdary

      orange-2 for cherry

    • king

      movie is very bad go to some other rather than this

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Poor Movie

  • Harsha

    Worst movie which I have seen Cherry’s films….

  • 5 to 5***** exlent movie

    Super d hit all records

  • 5 to 5***** exlent movie

    Palla mahesh

  • Abhi

    Utter flop chettha cinema

  • srinivas

    second half exlent

  • dhanunjay

    ok.somthing is missing.

  • kumarmanju

    worst movie…..

    • ashok

      i too feel the same indian number 1 worst movie

  • vinay


    • nandu

      this super movie

    • jaswanth

      baboi, utter flop…

      worst movie ever…

  • dileep .sk

    very good cherry ,,,,,kani pavan annayya laga koddiga cheyyali appudu nekanna magadu ledu

    • king

      pavan gade ke acting radu dialogue cheppadam radu yemi fans antha society machi chepandi anthe gani illa false statements ivvadu heros ivaye correct anukoni movie inkha worst chestaru

  • rajesh



    worse movie….. thooooooooooo thhooooooo thooooooooo

  • mahesh naidu

    flop mvee

  • prince harshu

    1st half not good…2nd half parvaledhu…my rating 2.5/5…sri hari ki emotional ga baga chesadu…ram charan character emotional ga ivvaledhu…comedy ledhu movie lo..songs lo last song bagundhanthe…total ga average movie…cherry pls dont sign like dis movies….

  • Pradeep kumar.N

    apoorva lakhia na konde gadiki evdu films thiyyatam nerpindi ram charan ni munchesa most worst movie in mega family

  • chintu

    Ela vundi ra chappandi

  • Charanteja adabala

    Super hit…..

  • Shaleen

    asalu bagaledu movie full boring sher khan acting khatarnak telugu lo chudadam waste hindi lo chuste baguntundi

  • chowdary

    I just watched the movie I want to explore onething it is wast of time and money to watch tuffan…

  • balu

    yera movie review chepara ante samikyandra antaventra chavata nakodaka inkosari samaikyandra annavante gitti kosi chetilo pedt a chetta nakodaka

  • manoj kumar

    very gud

  • harikiran

    As per other surveys… Zanjeer 2.0 is 2nd worst film ever in bollywood after ram gopal varma’s aag…

    Here its totally contradict review..
    Wooing telugu viewers… For nothing…

  • ram charan

    hii fans my movie is utter flap jai samaika andhra………

  • ashok

    utter flop movie



  • shekar

    I nvr seen dis knd of wrst movie.

  • depak

    utter flop

  • Prabhakar

    Flop Movie!

  • Raj

    Nenu chachey rakam kaadu, champe rakam. Said correctly.
    Cinema choodaleka chacchamu.

  • hasha

    Cinemalo ikka 5 minits kuda baga ledu direction chethaga undi song coriography chethaga undi

  • Gopi

    Super ga undhi.charan nunchi power pack character choosam.totally super.

  • MKM

    Flop movie

  • soumya

    Zanjeer2013………’s a Disaster;;;;

  • soumya

    it’s the worst movie of the decade

  • akilesh

    Jai telangana jai jai telangana Cinema super hit

  • king

    movie lo jamesbond background score dini kana comedy yemundhi arnold fights pichi acting movie 1/10 istha waste of money time and over all he is not fit for that role he is OK for Telugu movies that’s it he must realize that he must not follow his father words he must create his own style foolish movies he is doing racha,nayak,toofan orange is bit ok than this

  • krishna

    worst movie in 2013

  • David

    Charan is a rock star of south cinema. Anna film adirindi. U r a record breaker. All d best anna.

  • uday

    its good

  • srinivas

    This is the most dig-aster cinema in tallywood especially Charan.


  • erkr

    Till now Johnny is the benchmark in tollywood. Now Toofan will replaces Johnny.

  • deepakDK

    amazing movie super super :)

  • Geet

    Ram charan best debut awards this year in hindi


    excellent movie

  • pkr

    utter flap

  • Jayashree

    Another block buster movie to Ram charan.

    Best of luck Charan :)

    once again you Rock….

  • arun

    ram charan performance is bad he is not suit for these movie

  • PVK

    Seriously guys.. dont be too biased just because he is Ram Charan. I am a Pawan Kalyan fan too. But, this movie was really very boring and the review is completely wrong. The reviewer does not how to review films too. This movie is a real bore and I came out after the intermission as I couldn’t stand it any longer.

  • chaitanya

    Grand Entry of Mega Power Star….
    Weak direction
    Poor screenplay
    Outdated plot
    Disturbing background score


    Nothing to specify or nothing is there to discuss

    Ram charan got flop movie

  • Ram

    Charan excellent pls continue same rock

    • MAHESH

      its a utter flop movie why the hell he did a hindi movie he has not even achieved 10% in telugu film industry why such a flop try.

      try to learn from industry rulers and seniors like

      its a bakwas waste of time watching

  • Siva Prasad

    Giving it a 3 star rating rises questions on the trustworthiness of this blog..

  • ganesh

    You are telugu hero you action as excellent in bollywood debview movie charan

    • cherry

      movie parledu,,,,,,,,ina charan annaya…..acting baganey chesadu….director ni…kottali…. annaya…movies ni konchem jagratha ga sign chey……we love u all……

  • mehmet

    i love you Ram you are one of the best actors of india :) )