Unni Mukundan replaces Prithviraj in a film again

Padmakumar’s Pathiramanal which will feature the skilled Unni Mukundan as a replacement for star actor Prithviraj

Few months back we reported that newcomer Unni has replaced the Mollywood’s heartthrob  Prithviraj Sukumaran as the lead in Vyshakh’s comedy caper Mallu Singh. At the point it was dismissed as a one off event and just a common case of a star exiting a project due to date issues. But now it has happened again and Unni has replaced Prithviraj in yet another project. This time it is Padmakumar’s Pathiramanal which will feature the skilled newcomer as a replacement for Prithvi.

Prithviraj has been linked with the film right from it’s onset. But then problems cropped up and Jayasuriya was chosen to replace the Prithviraj. Jayasuriya even completed a schedule but then his injury brought the film to a halt. Incidentally, the film is about a father and son, a double role that was to be played by the male lead. Jayasuriya completed the portions as dad but now he is unable to allot dates for the next schedule and it seems that Unni will play the son. Although it’s unclear if Unni will re-shoot Jayasuriya’s part in the film. Well, looking like Unni just hot jackpot. Good luck with that Unni!