Veteran actor Jaggesh is angry with Kannada film industry

Veteran actor Jaggesh is angry with the Kannada film industry. He says, had the industry showed more unity and avoided unfair competition his past few films would have seen a different fate

The actor, whose last two films have been receiving lukewarm response at the box office, has every reason to complain. His first release this year Double Decker lasted just two weeks in the theatres and his film, Bodyguard is declared as a certified disaster.But the actor disagrees and says that he has made a decent profit from the film. According to Jaggesh, had the Golden Star Ganesh’s Maduva Mane not released on same day, he would have made much more. He also said that there needs to be a change in exhibition strategies in Kannada films and that even though he has brought this topic up for discussion many times in KFCC and other meets, people barely take notice. “Nobody cares. They just care when they are in problem. That’s all,” he laments. He said drastic steps must be taken to save Kannada cinema.