Vijay reveals Velayudham’s superhero plot

Excited about playing a messiah of the masses, Vijay is a busy man

Vijay has spilled the beans on his much-awaited Velayudham, which is set to hit the screens soon. “It is a movie to reckon with in my career and it is no doubt a ‘superhero’ project,” he says. Happy to play the role of a protector, he added that “It is the desire of every actor in the industry to do the role of a messiah of the masses. I am no exception. When Jayam Raja narrated the script, I was impressed and it was exactly the one that I was looking for.” Velayudham is not just that, it carries a strong message. There is logic behind every scene and my producer (Aascar Ravichandran) has spent a lot to bring the project to life. All these things have come together to make it an interesting fare,” he added. Post Velayudham, Vijay will start working with Seeman and A R Murugadoss. While Seeman’s project has been tentatively titled Pagalavan, the film to be directed by AR Murugadoss has not been named yet.