Vijay says he is not God

It’s all about being human for ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’

Everyone knows that Kollywood fans adore their stars to an extent where they seldom think twice before deifying them in all ways possible . Fan associations gather and perform puja for their stars, make offerings in the form of milk and honey, distribute ‘prasad’ if the movie hits bulls-eye. Some lucky ones like Khushboo even have temples built for them. However, our ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’ Vijay wants to be different. He has asked his fan clubs to immediately refrain from depicting him as a God. The actor was reportedly miffed with his fans in Madurai who put up posters of the star dressed up as the Almighty prior to the audio launch of his upcoming Velayudham. “During the audio launch of my film Velayudham in Madurai, some of my fans had put up a banner in which I was depicted as God. I was totally against it. I immediately asked them to remove the posters and they did. But, a few miscreants are creating an issue out of it. I don’t agree with the practice of showcasing a man as the Almighty,” he said in a statement. He also made it clear that he would not like to discriminate people based on caste, creed and their status. “I have friends, fans, colleagues, well wishers and workers from different communities. I don’t know what caste they belong to and it doesn’t matter to me. All of us are human beings.” Vijay may abhor comparisons with God, but the question is, are his fans in a mood to listen?