What is so unique about Vijay Antony’s Salim?

Apparently the music composer turned actor has employed a new marketing strategy to promote his new film

Vijay Antony of Nakka Mukka fame is known for composing upbeat tunes and writing bizzare lyrics. He carried on that unique style into his acting and his last outing as an actor Naan did a decent business at box office. Grapevine has it that the music composer turned actor has devised a new plan to promote his upcoming flick Salim

Apparently, Vijay Anthony has requested all his fans whose names are Salim to write to him regarding themselves and to share their addresses. It is being said that Vijay Antony will personally send invites to all his name sakes for the film’s audio launch and would meet them in person at the event. This unique marketing strategy is expected to work wonders for the film as it will generate the much needed buzz as well as it would give Vijay Antony a great chance to meet with his fans sharing his screen name.

It is also intriguing to see that Vijay Antony will be playing Salim again after his much acclaimed debut film Naan also saw him playing the character with the same name. The music will be composed by Vijay Antony himself and given the composer’s history one can expect at least one song with  nonsensical lyrics. Will Vijay Antony’s publicity stunt to promote Salim work? Only time will tell.