Why does Ilaiyaraaja never get bored of composing music?

The musical maestro talks about the strength and inspiration that he gets for scoring one chartbuster after another

Before AR Rahman, the musical arena of Kollywood was ruled by the king of melodies Ilaiyaraaja. The four time National award winner has given music to nearly 1000 films and has composed more than 4500 songs in his nearly four decade long career. WHOA! those are some numbers.

Whenever there has been rumour of his retirement from music, Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja has proven time and again that he is here to stay. The musical maestro disclosed his inspiration for carrying on scoring music and tells why he never gets saturated with his achievements.

In an interview to a newspaper, Ilaiyaraaja said ” Music is not my property. It is not my mental concept or presentation or for that matter, my effort. Music comes all by itself and I give it to others. Only when I harbour the thought that I have accomplished all this will this question of what will I do next arise. I don’t have that thought at all. It comes all by itself and therefore, I give it as I receive it.”

When questioned why the directors have fear to approach him, the 71 year old star composer quickly replied ” The reason is, they have a very good opinion of themselves, which is why they fear me. For instance, why do you think a director feels shy to approach me? It is because the director wants to decide the music for his film. And he believes that I won’t let him do that. `Will it be possible for me to suggest a change to sir?,’ is what he thinks. For every film, I get down to the level of the director and score music for them. There hasn’t been a director who has risen to my level and extracted work from me”.

Ilaiyaraaja, who celebrated his birthday three days back is awaiting the release of his film Un Samayal Araiyil. We wish the humble musician best of luck in all his endeavours  and hope his humility rubs off with stars of the industry.