Why Taapsee does not want to watch Muni 3: Ganga?

The leggy lass who is a part of the Tamil film Muni 3:Ganga  is apparently so scared of horror films that she will give the Muni 3 screening a miss

The milky white beauty Taapsee Pannu has made heads turn with her debut flick Aadukalam in Kollywood. The bubbly star having done a handful of films in Tamil and Telugu, is currently working with actor Lawrence for the next installment of the horror comdey series Muni. But we hear that Taapsee had put forward a condition to Lawrence before signing the dotted line for Muni 3:Ganga.

The little birdie tells us that the Chaashme Badoor actor is apparently scared of horror movies and had agreed to work on Muni 3 on one condition that she won’t attend the screening of the film. Later the pretty babe confirmed, ” I was initially hesitant to take up this film. But I liked the character and it was too challenging for me to miss out on it. I told Lawrence that I wouldn’t watch the film or attend its screening. However, he wasn’t convinced about my reasons for not watching the film. So, after every shot, he would ask me to come to the monitor to check it out. He told me it was his way of making me warm up to the horror setting. He keeps telling me that since I’ve seen the film in parts, it shouldn’t be a big deal to watch the entire film”.

“We are presently shooting the spooky portions on the ECR throughout the nights. To add to it, the locations are at forests and dilapidated houses. Sometimes, Lawrence doesn’t even tell me that he’s positioned artists dressed up in eerie costumes and just informs me that the camera is rolling. So, when I turn around, I get spooked and scream in fear. Most of my reactions in the film are for real!”  added Taapsee.

 Taapsee would want to get over her fears to avoid mean pranks being played on her. We just have one thing to say to the pretty lady Taapsee – Boo!