Why this kolaveri di song: Shruti Haasan is ‘kolaverified’

Kamal Haasan’s daughter praises song written and sung by Rajinikanth’s son-in-law

Shruti Haasan is really excited about her upcoming film 3, and especially about the song Why this kolaveri di, written and sung by Dhanush. The actor, who stars opposite the superstar mapillai in the film, tweeted today about how happy she is that the song is doing so well. Why this kolaveri di song was the most watched video on YouTube on Friday. Since that news broke out, Shruti has been on a high. On Saturday, she tweeted, ‘everyones got the fever :D. Way to go team 3 woohoo!*rowdy whistle*’. Then just today she tweeted, ‘Everyones on the kolaveri trip and how!!!indias got kolaveri :p yay team 3 and congrats the our poetu :D’ Then, realising her grammatical error, she tweeted a clarification,  ‘I meant to our poetu hahaha ive been singing along too much methinks!sentence construction kolaverified :p’ We think she is just trying hard to make everyone realise that she too is a part of the song. Yes, she is a part of Why this kolaveri di. You knew that, didn’t you?