Will Allu Arjun fall to Mahesh Babu in Mollywood?

The two Tollywood stars will now compete on Kerala’s screens

Telugu films dubbed into Malayalam have done exceptional business in Kerala in recent times. Their impact in Malayalam theatres is so loud that Mollywood producers are demanding a ban on dubbed films, while theatre owners want more of them. Allu Arjun is the Telugu star most popular in Kerala, but this might change if Mahesh Babu has his way. Nowadays, Allu Arjun has impressed the Keralites so much taht they have even given him two new names – ‘Arya’ Arjun and even Bunny. All his films have been super hits in Kerala, irrespective of their response in Andhra. In fact, his Badhrinaadh had a disastrous run in the Telugu speaking regions, while the Malayalam version was a super hit. Though other Telugu stars have tried to emulate Allu Arjun’s success (notably Junior NTR in Shakti) they have failed miserably. Now, it’s Prince Mahesh Babu’s turn. Mahesh’s latest release Dookudu, which has received a stunning initial response globally, will be hitting Kerala’s screens, dubbed in Malayalam in the next few days. Mahesh already has a good market in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. His film Athithi was earlier dubbed in Malayalam, but it hit the Kerala screens nearly a year after the Telugu release and received a lukewarm response. This time around, will the Prince give Bunny a run for his money in God’s own land?