We bet you didn’t know Naseeruddin Shah lost the role of Gandhi to Ben Kingsley. More trivia inside!

Lesser known facts about the hit classic…

Today’s India is in turmoil and struggling with a difference between ideals. Political polarization is at its peak and people look up to National observances like Independence Day to come together and celebrate the spirit of freedom. Who can be better inspiration than the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi?!

Bapu, as he was fondly called, convinced Indians with his faith in truth, justice and welfare of all mankind. Why just India, he inspired the world! His entire life was a message and this Independence Day, let’s take a moment to remember and follow his teachings that will help the world to flourish in peace by recalling Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’ this 70th Independence Day!

Lesser Known Facts about ‘Gandhi’ the Film

‘Gandhi’ the film celebrates the life of Mahatma Gandhi in his full glory and was as great a film as the inspiration behind it. Let’s remember Bapu with these lesser known facts about the Oscar winning film based on his life- ‘Gandhi’.

1.       ‘Gandhi’ was nominated for Academy Awards in eleven categories. Do you know how many did it win?

2.       Can you imagine the number of years it took Richard Attenborough to complete his dream project – ‘Gandhi’.

3.       Naseeruddin Shah had auditioned for the lead role in the film but lost it to Ben Kingsley. Do you know which Bollywood actress auditioned for the role of Kasturba Gandhi but lost it to Rohini Hattangadi?

4.       Interestingly, Ben Kingsley was born Krishna Bhanji in Snainton, North Riding of Yorkshire. He is an Indian from his father’s side. Guess the Indian state he belongs to.

5.       The film made into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest numbers of extras in a scene. Do you know the exact number?

Yes, those are some mind-boggling but interesting questions about the film – the answers to which you will find in the documentary “Filmystalgia.”

It is clear from the documentary that making a film on Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t a cake walk. And how could it be when the man himself was a legend and a nation’s beloved Father?! Zee Classic is seizing the opportunity on 70th Independence Day to pay a tribute to Bapu’s teachings through the exemplary film ‘Gandhi’ on 13th August 08:00 PM and 15th August 09:30 AM.

For the love of nation and Bapu, do watch it.