Aishwarya Rai does the cover-up act….again!

However much we try to leave the happy mother alone, love for the Bachchan bahu and wishes that she would get back to her once-stylish self keeps us going. And we cannot help wondering at those horrendous fashion glitches that Ash repeatedly makes these days…

After a long time Mrs Rai-Bachchan was spotted in a shindig along with husband Abhishek as her arm candy. As she trudged around at the Deshmukh-Bhagnani wedding reception with extreme sophistication and elegance and never left her hubby’s comfy side, we must say that compared to Ash’s pleasing appearance, the outfit was a big put off. Although it’s difficult to forgive the messed-up synchronisation, the Bachchan bahu’s tent-style dressing and loose salwars that she wears often has started to get our collective goat. And when we saw her in a similar ensemble at the do, the first thing we did is sigh in exasperation. She wore a heavily embellished Abu-Sandeep suit and teamed it with flat sandals. Although Abhi looks supremely suave, Ash fails to complement her husband, style-wise.  Also Ash, now that you have decided that you won’t reveal your baby’s name or face, even though half the star-struck nation would kill to know about it, we suggest you to do something to divert their attention from your beloved bundle of joy.

You can start with dressing well for starters, the way you once did. If you face any problems in the process, you can always turn to your husband for a tip or two – he’s started to get very fashion conscious and clued in lately. Quite an ironic couple, we say!