Ameesha goes from chubby to chic

Posted Mon, August 1, 2011 12:57pm IST

Over the years the pretty Ms Patel has refined both her figure and her fashion to become a style diva today. But it was a long and occasionally inept process, with not every avatar being a raving success…

We have seen Ameesha Patel transform from a chubby girl to a hot and sexy chick over the years. Her first appearance in the 2000 blockbuster Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hain left people raving about her. Her personality in the movie, which was a mix of innocence and cuteness, worked in her favour and eventually opened the gates of B-town for her. What happened next? Where did she disappear? Was it her acting or her styling that became a hindrance to her climbing up the ladder of filmi success? The questions resurface when we see this almost-forgotten actress floundering hard to create a mark again in this highly competitive industry by launching her own production house. We take you through the style evolution this actress has gone through. About the changes in other areas of her life…we would rather not comment!