B-town hunks: too beefy for their shirts!

The Bollywood boyz are getting way too swollen up, wethinks. And they need to take it a li’l easy on their bodies so that they fit into their clothes, yeah!

Recently John Abraham was saved by designer Aki Narula from fashion faux pas. We heard that the actor wasn’t able to fit into an ethnic outfit designed by Narula coz’ of his super puffed-up biceps, which is why Johny boy had to do away with the sleeves and saunter around in a hot sleeveless kurta at a promo-event for his new film. Now this incident totally got us into thought-provoked mode. Just like John, we are sure many of these hunky blokes must have faced the same predicament at some point or the other. Ajay Devgn’s look in Singham may have received all the praise in the world, but don’t you think his flexing muscles came in the way of making important fashion choices? Or that his stylist lost sleep over getting Devgn a shirt with perfectly fitting sleeves? Now there must have been problems galore faced by Bollywood’s incredible hulks. But we are glad they use their minds once in a while and come up with instant solutions, just the way John and his designer Aki did.

We suggest that Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and all those who take pride in their bloated arms and flaunt the biomechanics of their biceps openly ditch those tight things you consider style statements and opt for something loose and classy every once in a while. It would be a refreshing break for us to see y’all in a suave and grown-up avatar. And while you do that, we plan to hit the gym and work on our muscles, which are on their way to become mind-blowing mighty, just like yours…