Deepika Padukone looks hot in a red gown!

The babe was spotted on the cover of an architecture magazine and as always she carried herself with absolute style and elegance

Posing confidently on the launch issue cover of Architectural Digest, Ms Padukone dazzles in a Jexika gown. Flaunting a red mermaid cut outfit, Deeps spoke about her new house in the inaugural issue and how she has taken an active interest in decorating her abode. She said in one of her interviews that if she didn’t become an actor, she would have ended up being an interior designer. Now we don’t really vouch for Ms Padukone’s designing skills, but the actor confesses that earlier it’s just fashion that interested her, and everything related to aesthetics and design caught her attention only after she bought a new house.

It seems the babe’s home in south Mumbai is a combination of modern and traditional design. And we assume that pretty much reflects Deepika’s taste. Even fashion-wise the actor loves to maintain a fine balance between flaunting ethnic ensembles and western outfits.

Although we are quite pleased with the actor’s look and style on the cover, wethinks Deeps has somewhat developed a soft corner for the bright red hue. She’s been spotted flaunting this colour at various events. Perhaps you should try a different colour next time, Ms Padukone!